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church giving records

3 Reasons Pastors Have Access to Their Church Members’ Giving Records

Both pastors who avoid church giving records and those who view accessing them as critical to their ministry have valid positions. So what are legitimate reasons for having that access?

How to Make Budget Cuts in a Healthy Way

Budget cuts, when led well, can actually create a healthy season of pruning in the life of a church.

29 Mistakes Churches Make With Money

Budgeting on faith rather than past performance.

13 Fall Outreach Ideas for Your Church

Are you looking for some fall outreach ideas to reach out to the community and invite people to church this fall? Here are some of our favorite ideas.
Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons: Leading Your Church through Desert Moments

"When you think of [Jesus] in his perfect state and we’re all with him in heaven, he’s the only one that’s going to bear scars, and he’s still perfect."
7 Motivations for Making Disciples

7 Motivations for Making Disciples

I believe it’s more important for us to have clarity on “why” we’re growing disciples rather than “what” we’re doing to grow disciples.
what is spiritual maturity

Is Spiritual Maturity Impossible?

What is spiritual maturity? What comes to mind when you think of being mature in Christ? And more importantly, what does the Bible say?
4 Ways to Disciple Busy Men

4 Ways to Disciple Busy Men

"Young men play a significant role in the discipleship of their own families."
church needs young people

Smart Churches Do This With Their Youth

Your church needs young people. The smartest churches will recognize the benefit of including youth in every aspect of church life.
4 Unintentional Ways Your Purpose Is Getting Hijacked

4 Unintentional Ways Your Purpose Is Getting Hijacked

"Instead of taking charge of their week, too many leaders let their week take charge of them."

Why Every Church Should Have a Special Focus on Evangelism

"Whatever you do, do not neglect the lost and dying world we live in."
How to Lead 48,000 People to Jesus

How to Lead 48,000 People to Jesus

Here is a slice of what I learned about how to lead a church that wins people to Jesus.
Unity in a Church for a New Pastor

7 Thoughts on Creating Unity in a Church for a New Pastor

"Here are seven thoughts on creating unity in a church."
Reaching Millennials

A Different Take on Reaching Millennials

"A primary mission of every church leader is to hand the church over to the next generation."
Self-Absorbed Culture humility

8 Signs of Humility in a Self-Absorbed Culture

What if humility is the distinguishing mark of a Christian?

5 Great Post-Easter Studies

Here are 5 great studies that will connect more people after Easter.

Should You Leave That Curriculum on the Shelf?

"The downside to the overwhelming amount of curriculum options is the daunting task of choosing the right curriculum."

How Your Building Is Your Killing Your Growth

Senior pastors typically underestimate the impact their building has on their church’s future growth.

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Daniel Im: How Not To Let the Consumers Drive the Strategy...

Daniel Im joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain how pastors can lead more effectively in a “post-everything” world and why their communities contain more than just the non-Christians and the Christians.