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Amy Grant

Amy Grant To Host Niece’s Same-Sex Wedding, Believes Jesus Wants Us To ‘Love God...

Grant shared that she and her husband will be hosting her niece’s wedding at their 450-acre farm.
small groups and mental health

The Connection Between Small Groups and Mental Health for Men

We’re all social creatures and when a man sees other men actively enjoying a purpose, respect from others, a sense of accomplishment and, yes, even good food, it will draw others in like a moth to a flame--and small groups and mental health will flourish.
Small Group Models

Survey: The Powers and Pitfalls of Small Group Models

The 21st century church is confronted with a plethora of different small group models. Some of the most popular models at the moment fundamentally contradict each other.
is sex before marriage a sin?

Is Sex Before Marriage a Sin? How to Handle Premarital Heartbreak

Is sex before marriage a sin? Every youth worker hears a version of that question. When kids sin by having premarital sex, they need hope and forgiveness.
Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman Bares Soul in Latest ‘I Am Second’ Film

Steven Curtis Chapman shares a snippet of his journey in the latest “I Am Second” short film, a series of video testimonies featuring a diversity of Christian celebrities. His testimony comes just weeks after the Oct. 14 release of his latest album, “Still,” and 14 years after a personal family tragedy.
jackie hill perry

Preston and Jackie Hill Perry: What You Might Not Realize About Biblical Headship

Married couple Preston and Jackie Hill Perry explore the challenges and blessings of biblical headship during the Oct. 27 episode of their podcast “Thirty Minutes With the Perrys.”

What the Online World Is Doing to Us

What does our current level of online consumption do to individuals and society in general? There are at least five areas where we know the effect is not a positive one.
Online Consumption

5 Effects of Online Consumption

Should the church stay away from online consumption? Heavens, no. This just tells us where “salt” and “light” are most needed.
christian cafe

Christian Cafe Co-Founder Explains Why His Dating App Requires Users To List ‘Body Type,’...

Christian Cafe president and co-founder Sam Moorcroft says his dating service is meeting a need he felt keenly in the 1990s and which is still felt by single Christians today. Users have the option to go into detail about their faith—and are also required to be specific about other areas of life.
single dads

How Do You Help the Single Dads in Your Church?

Single dads are on the rise. Here's how to minister to them.
the right stuff

Co-Founder of ‘Dating App for the Right Wing’ Expects To Draw Christians

The Right Stuff, a new dating app aimed at political conservatives, launched on Friday, Sept. 30. Former Trump aide John McEntee and and former Trump appointee Daniel Huff co-founded the app, which is billed as “a dating app for the right wing.”
daiting app

New Dating Apps—And ‘In-Person’ Mixers—Target Religious and Political Niches

A new crop of dating apps aims to target the more picky consumer — narrowing the menu by prioritizing a “main ingredient.” In some religious sectors, apps are changing the way religious groups are thinking about dating and courtship on a larger scale.
sean mcdowell

Are You ‘Called’ To Be Single? Sean McDowell Shares What the Bible Says

Have you ever wondered if you had the “gift of singleness”? In a recent video, author and professor Dr. Sean McDowell explains how Christians can know whether or not God has “called” them to be single.

Two Counter-Cultural Keys to Staying Married

According to new research from the Institute for Family Studies, “religious men and women who married in their 20s without cohabiting first…have the lowest odds of divorce in America today.”
margaret court

Pastor and Tennis Legend Margaret Court Takes Aim at Serena Williams

Amid the recent adulation for U.S. tennis superstar Serena Williams comes pushback from 80-year-old Australian pastor Margaret Court. Before entering the ministry, Court was a tennis champion who won 24 Grand Slam singles titles—one more than Williams.
small church

20 Truths About the Strength of Small Churches

Here are 20 truths from Ron Klassen's new book, "Maximize: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Small Church."
rick warren

Rick Warren on the Kind of Preaching That Changes Lives

Rick Warren joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast for the first episode of our Great Communicator Series and shares his insights on what makes someone an effective preacher or teacher.

Amy Grant Hospitalized After Bike Crash

On Wednesday, Christian music superstar Amy Grant was taken to the hospital after she wrecked on her bicycle in Nashville, Tennessee. She is in stable condition.

16 Tips for Recruiting Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Recruiting children's ministry volunteers who genuinely want to serve kids and teach them about Christ's love isn't as difficult as it might seem.
judah smith

Pastor Judah Smith Says Pleasuring Yourself Sexually in the Confines of Marriage Is a...

A video conversation between Judah and Chelsea Smith regarding single people’s sexual desires recently resurfaced because of popular YouTuber Ruslan KD.

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Dallas Jenkins on Why ‘The Chosen’ Is Not ‘Adding to Scripture’

Dallas Jenkins joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the principles that guide how “The Chosen” is created and why he believes “God has his hand” on the show.