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Abortion-Related Initiatives on Ballot in Five States

Southern Baptists and other citizens in five states will make decisions in the Nov. 8 elections on abortion policies.
Daniel Darling

Voting Just One of Christians’ Political Responsibilities, Darling Says

As the fall election season approaches, professor and author Daniel Darling said voting is just one of the responsibilities Christians have when it comes to political engagement.
vatican investment

After Scandals, New Guidelines Align Vatican Investments With Church Teaching

Continuing Pope Francis’ efforts to clean up the Vatican’s scandal-plagued financial dealings, the Catholic Church announced a series of ethical and moral principles on Tuesday that will guide its investment policies.
evangelical ecumenism

The ‘Dangerous’ Calling of Evangelical Ecumenism

Evangelical ecumenism is ultimately about learning to find agreement where suspicion or hostility once existed.
Sexual Abuse

SBC Messengers Lament, Take Steps To Address Sexual Abuse

Southern Baptist messengers took a strong stand against sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches on June 13-14 at the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting.
unpardonable sin

R.C. Sproul: What Is the Unpardonable Sin?

It is not surprising that many people struggle with this issue because the precise nature of the "unpardonable sin" is difficult to discern and many theories about it have been set forth through church history.

‘Abortion Pills Forever’: Pro-Choice Activists Stage Demonstration Outside Supreme Court

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a pivotal abortion case on Wednesday, pro-choice activists staged a demonstration outside that included a ceremonial partaking of abortion pills.
Liberty Counsel Target

Target Makes Liberty Counsel’s ‘Naughty’ List for Censoring Christmas

The Liberty Counsel released its annual “Naughty and Nice Retail List,” placing Target, TJ Maxx, and Barnes & Noble on the list of businesses that “silence and censor” Christmas.
supreme court abortion case

Christians to Pray for Roe Reversal Days Before Key SCOTUS Abortion Case

Days before the highly anticipated Supreme Court abortion case that could reverse Roe v. Wade, pro-life Christians throughout America will unite in prayer.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Vaccine Mandate

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Sues OSHA Over Biden Vaccine Mandate

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is suing OSHA over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying, "Religious institutions must not be turned into instruments of government coercion."

Colorado Woman Denied Kidney Transplant For Being Unvaccinated

Leilani Lutali, a Colorado woman with stage 5 renal failure, has been denied a kidney transplant due to being unvaccinated. A self-identified Christian, Lutali says she is refusing the vaccine on religious grounds.
missiological assessment

Voices With Ed Stetzer: A Missiological Assessment of Critical Race Theory IV

D.A. Horton answers the five most frequently asked questions he receive about CRT. Horton is a latino missiologist, academic and author, and his latest book Intensional, delves into ethnic reconciliation.

Does It Really Matter If Christians Vote? A Pastoral Response

One of the big questions U.S. Christians are faced with every November (especially every four years when Americans elect a new president) is: “Should a Christian vote?”
tony dungy

Football Legend Tony Dungy Engages With Twitter Users About Biden’s Stance on Abortion

NFL analyst Tony Dungy recently engaged in a respectful but firm back and forth about his pro-life views after sharing an article on President Joe Biden’s “abortion flip-flop.”
Christians Engaged

UPDATE: Christian Group Wins a Victory Against the IRS

The IRS has granted tax-exempt status to the group, Christians Engaged, reversing course after receiving national attention for denying the group's request.
Masterpiece cake

UPDATE: Well-Known Christian Baker Charged With Violating Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Law

The well-known Christian baker, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop, was back in court this time for refusing to make a cake for a person celebrating their gender transition.
police and protestors

Minnesota Churches Are “Flashpoints” in Standoffs Between Police and Protesters

Dozens of demonstrators suddenly rushed into the church, fleeing police. The officers followed, and the result was what Verbout described as a standoff between police and protesters in the church parking lot.
suicide prevention

Today Is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay2020

This day for suicide prevention brings awareness to everyone around the world that suicide can be prevented and how to help loved ones who are fighting suicidal thoughts.
culturally insensitive

Former Liberty Employee Sets Up ‘LUnderground Railroad’ for Those Who Want Out

While Jerry Falwell Jr. has apologized and removed the tweet from his account, the culturally insensitive move has been called the “cherry on top” of a problem of systemic racism at the Christian university.
Arthur Brooks

The National Prayer Breakfast Speech You Should Really Listen To

Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks' speech at the National Prayer Breakfast focused on following the words of Jesus concerning loving one's enemies. President Trump admitted Brooks' advice would be hard for him to follow.

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