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Christian, Do Not Bypass Your Grief

The gospel holds in tension the victory won in Jesus and the longing to see redemption fully played out in our world. We can step into the experience of deep loss while holding on to the hope that things will get better.

We have a real and present hope that continues to live within us daily. While you are grieving, you may also be filled with the hope that Jesus will bring you the comfort you need.

This is my comfort in my affliction,
    that your promise gives me life.
(Psalm 119:50)

In the fullness of your grief, you can equally be filled with hope. This is the mystery of the gospel. While you are very much aware of your present reality, you are just as much aware of the promises and assurance you have in Jesus.

This doesn’t mean you need to bypass your grief to arrive at hope. Psalm 119:50 says, “This is my comfort in affliction.”

We tend to rush past grief, so that we can find hope and comfort. Yet Jesus will bring you hope in the place of sorrow. It doesn’t matter what type of grief you are enduring.

Grief reminds us that pain and sorrow are not natural. Furthermore, they will not always be our reality.

Don’t allow guilt to stop you from grieving. Making lists of reasons you should be filled with joy instead are not necessary. No matter your reason for grieving, let it lead you into the arms of your Savior.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.