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Cultivating Staff Gratitude

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, it is crucial for ministry teams to be intentional about cultivating a spirit of gratitude among their staff.

Ellen Dykas: Healing After Unfaithfulness in Marriage

Ellen Dykas and Jason Daye look at the healing journey for those who have experienced betrayal in their marriages.

Ike Miller: How Understanding Our Baggage Improves Our Leadership

Ike Miller and Jason Daye look at the importance for pastors and ministry leaders to understand the coping mechanisms they've developed from past dysfunctional relationships.

Amber Albee Swenson: Is Worry Getting in Your Way?

Amber Albee Swenson and Jason Daye explore how worry can seep into our ministries and derail our spiritual well-being.

Spiritual Renewal Through Fasting

The teachings of Jesus on spiritual fasting were profound. Pastors can take actionable steps to incorporate this practice into their lives, finding strength and rejuvenation in their spiritual journeys.

Lonely Leaders

Pastoral leadership is a lonely place, and any time we are lonely, we are susceptible to extreme discouragement.

We Can’t Say Yes to Everything

To prevent pastoral burnout and breakdown, it’s essential to focus on giving the right “yes” and knowing when it’s best to give a “no.”

Complementary Roles of Counselors and Churches in Providing Mental Health Care

Counselors and churches play distinct but complementary roles in providing mental health care within communities.

The Life of Job: Multiple Losses, Grief, and Recovery

Grief is a universal human experience. Everyone experiences loss and, therefore, grief. However, there is relatively little understanding of “how” one should go about grieving.

Caught in the Cross Hairs

As a pastor, it’s not a question of if you’ll find yourself in the cross hairs and feeling overwhelmed, but when. The key to surviving is preparation.

2 Ways to Conquer the Stresses and Anxieties of Life

Here are two ways the Lord is teaching me to deal with the stresses my life brings, big or small.

Jason Young: Pain, Peace, and Thriving in Ministry

Ministry can be exhausting. So how do our past hurts and our present peace relate to thriving in ministry for the long haul? In...

10 Reasons We Should Practice Solitude

If we are to live as true followers of Jesus, we will be intentional to practice solitude. There are at least 10 different times in Jesus’ life when he made solitude a priority.

Justin McRoberts: Debunking the Myths of Work and Rest

Justin McRoberts and Jason Daye debunk some of the modern myths surrounding work and rest and invite you to enter fully into God's goodness for your life and ministry.

Gratitude and Anxiety

Here are three ways you can put gratitude into practice daily…and scientifically help your brain default to a natural posture of gratitude like the Lord asks of us in Philippians 4. 

Ministry Burnout: Are You Next?

Here’s the bad news about ministry burnout: Burnout ranks at the top of the list in most risk surveys. But there is good news—with proper precautions and appropriate disciplines the burnout risks are manageable and burnout is preventable.

Questions for Emotionally Healthy Supervision

Emotionally healthy supervision requires role expectations to be openly talked about and agreed upon, and it also requires people to care for their inner lives well.

Mark Dance: How To Finish Well in Ministry

Mark Dance and Jason Daye look at some important practices ministry leaders can incorporate into their lives to help ensure that they do not veer off course. Mark also shares some fresh insights about how neighboring well helps leaders flourish in both life and ministry.

Holly & Glenn Packiam: Making Healthy Rhythms in Your Life a Reality

Holly and Glenn Packiam and Jason Daye explore the importance of incorporating healthy rhythms into our lives, and Holly and Glenn share from personal experience simple ways to think about and to implement these rhythms.

Todd Hunter: How the Church Moves From Cynicism to Hope

Todd Hunter and Jason Daye explore some of the frustrations we might have about the effectiveness of our ministries. Todd also shares some shifts that we can make to help our churches become places of hope and healing, just as Jesus intended.

Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how parents can use time, moments and milestones to point their children to the goodness of God.

Mental Health