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5 Reasons You’re Struggling to Say ‘No’ to Your Kids

I’ve said it before, but oh, how it still rings true for any parent who will heed it…Be your child’s parent now, so you can be your child’s friend forever…Too many parents choose to be more of a friend than a parent, when their kids need a parent, not a friend. Parent your kids for 18 years, and you can enjoy the fruit of their friendship for a lifetime.

A big part of being their parent now is learning how to lovingly yet unapologetically say “No.”

And being successful with your “No” means being prepared to stand your ground and enforce it with appropriate consequences. Don’t tell your child no and then fail to follow through by allowing them to still get their way. Parents must win those small battles now, otherwise face an even bigger fallout in the future.

Never forget that “Training up your children right in the younger years will set you up for parenting success in the older years.”

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.