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5 Christmas Planning Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

4. Don’t have any preaching.

The number-one reason people decide whether or not to come back to a church they visited is how they felt about the pastor.

I’m not advocating an hour message—it’s Christmas after all—but the teaching pastor should have at least a 15- to 20-minute message so he can engage newcomers and share with them his heart and teaching style.

5. Don’t give them a reason to return.

Ok, you had multiple services on Christmas Eve, and it was beautiful; people showed up in droves, and you had one of your best days.

And then what?

Well, the first of the year is just a weekend away. That’s a key time when people make New Year’s resolutions, and often, one of them is to get back in church. Have a new year series ready to promo that day.

Enclose the graphics and message titles in the bulletin for your Christmas Eve service. Produce a short video that promotes the new series and invites people back. You’ll be surprised how many people will take you up on that offer.

How does your church celebrate Christmas?

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