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5 Dangerous Leadership Assumptions

A lack of leadership development could be an early indicator that your organization is headed for serious decline.  There’s a shortage of leaders in your pipeline, and you’re beginning to feel the effects organization wide:  You’re unprepared to handle additional growth; The organization as a whole is in jeopardy if you loose one or two key leaders; Potential leaders can’t break into the organization because it’s the same ol’ people doing the same ol’ jobs for years.  The need is great; you recognize it, but you’re not sure others do.  You’ve made efforts in the past to get a leadership development movement started, but it didn’t stick.

You’ve said the right words, cast the right vision, and even set the right goals but still not gained any traction.  Why?  It could be you’ve failed to understand that people’s actions are based out of their assumptions.  Their deeply embedded assumptions have greater power than your words of inspiration.  If you’re unaware of these basic assumptions, you may not be able to get any movement toward your leadership development objectives.

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Here are FIVE Common Assumptions that you need to constantly challenge and dismantle in your organization.

1. Developing leaders is not my role.  

They may nod their head and smile politely as you declare the urgent need for leader development, but deep down, most people have the assumption “developing leaders is not my job.”  It’s not that they’re being stubborn or rebellious.  Most people take a job because they love it, and they love the responsibility that comes with it.  So equipping someone else to do what they do is not a natural thought for them.