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Two False Assumptions We Can’t Make!

#1 – That People Know They Can Come to Church

In my personal conversations with unchurched people, there are SO MANY of them who think they cannot come to church…they think their lives are so messed up that the church would reject them (and…some of them actually have stories of that happening.)

They don’t know!!!  We have GOT to stop assuming that unchurched people know about our church, and they will feel welcomed the minute they walk in…going to a church for the first time is HIGHLY uncomfortable…and so rather than work through that, many simply choose to not go.  It doesn’t mean they are bad people…it just means they just don’t think they can go to church.

So…we’ve GOT to embrace this and purposefully invite people…personally…eye to eye!!!

#2 – That People Know Jesus Died for Their Sins

So many people (even here in the South) have NEVER heard the Gospel!  We cannot assume that people know the message…even if they grew up in church.  We’ve GOT to be intentional about not making assumptions…Matthew 7:21-23 tells us about people who were “good people” but never embraced Christ!  (AND…before you get mad…those are the very words of Jesus!)

So NewSpring…it begins today (if it hasn’t begun already)…let’s do EVERYTHING we can to get people to church this weekend!