Controversial Series "GCB" Cancelled by ABC

The Christian Post reported that ABC has cancelled the series GCB because of a lack of viewership. The show starred Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Aspen, and Leslie Bibb and was based on the novel Good Christian B*tches. The show attracted less than six million viewers and ratings of 1.9 in the adult demographic. The American Family Association had filed a petition against the show, saying, “With a title like [that], you can imagine what kind of show it will be. Even if they change the title, the content will still mock people of faith.” Newt Gingrich also went on record as saying the series showcased anti-Christian bias.

Chenoweth told ABC news in March that she, a practicing Christian herself, didn’t see a problem with the show’s content. “The Bible tells us that we’re not supposed to judge, and people shouldn’t judge before seeing the show,” she said in an interview. “I’m a Christian, I think that’s pretty well known, and I would never do anything that I think crossed the line.”

Nevertheless, ABC has cancelled the show after one season, along with Missing, The River, and Pan Am.

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