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How to Discover Your Team's True Core Values

We had a STORY meeting a few months ago in Chicago where I tested our core values on my team.

I’d say, “where I tested my team on our core values,” except there were no right or wrong answers for them.

As they each went around and shared their thoughts, there were only right or wrong answers for me.

Core values are unspoken.

In fact, you should never have to say them.

They exist apart from your lists and language.

They’re what you advocate and reinforce with your actions.

So I was testing myself-to see whether our team valued what I’ve been trying to express through this incredible brand.

I got it mostly right except for a few stray hairs I needed to comb back in place.

Here’s an exercise:

Ask your team what your core values are. Don’t tell them.

If you’ve gotten it wrong, they’ll let you know what you need to do a better job expressing.