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3 Surprising Reasons Churches DON’T Grow

If you experience a major upswing in attendance, but not in giving, you’re probably not going to be able to add an addition, build a new building or rent a new facility.

If you’re short on able-bodied volunteers, adding a second (or third) service may not be the best thing for the people.

There are huge organizational implications that come with different attendance levels, and not everyone is built to handle leading a church of that size and complexity.

And it may be God’s mercy upon you if you’re not seeing wild, unheard of growth.

3. The Lord doesn’t want it to.

Ultimately, all growth is the direct result of God’s sovereign decree. He determines the times and places in which we live, and calls us to fulfill our ministries there.

That means He’s also sovereign over the size of your church. If the Lord wants your church to grow to 1,500, so be it. But it may be that Jesus will be more glorified if your church maintains at 50.

The fact is, if your church’s attendance is around 150 people, you’re in very good company.

Megachurches aren’t the norm; they make up less than 2 percent of all churches in America.

So don’t freak out. It’s OK to be unmega.

You’re probably not doing anything that’s preventing God from driving massive numbers of attendees through your doors. You’re likely just “ordinary” in all the best possible ways.