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11 Ways to Liven Up Your Staff Meeting

5. Mobile Meeting. 

As people arrive at your meeting, let them know that you are taking this meeting on the road!

Either walk or jump in a few vehicles and go to a location that is germane to the conversation of the meeting. (Example: Take your team over to the local high school as you discuss the new youth pastor you are thinking about hiring.)

6. Egg Timer.

Bring an egg timer to your next meeting. (Here’s an online one if you don’t have a real one.)

Set a time goal for each section of the agenda and bring prizes for the group for deciding on action points within the time allotted. (Good for when you have a group that loves to contemplate one more angle!)

7. Optional Learning Experiences.

As an antidote to meetings that people are “required” to come to, offer some optional development times for your team.

Pick some content that is helpful for your team … offer them free smoothies if they attend … and give away some prizes! (Feel free to use this presentation on saving time with your team if you think it’ll be helpful!)

8. Thank You Notes.

Kick off your meeting with some gratitude!

Hand out thank you cards to everyone on your team and have them share something that someone else on another team at the church did that was fantastic. After people share, have them write thank you notes to the people that they shared about

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