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6 Ways to Lose BAD Staff Members

4. Hold them accountable.

It is true that great leaders are inspired by the freedom to fail, but they also realize that perpetual failure and willful negligence is not indicative of excellence.

A poor leader calls accountability “micromanagement” or “meddling” and will demand that you constantly tolerate their subpar effort.

5. Consistently talk about growth and change.

Poor leaders, like mosquitoes, flourish in stagnation. Growth and progression require confidence, faith and humility.

Movement changes things, which dictates higher levels of leadership and decision-making. As the saying goes, it separates the adults from the children.

The Christian life and seeking to be like Jesus is transformative. Losing a leader who doesn’t want to be a part of that is a good thing.

6. Create a prayer culture.

When a team prays together, they grow closer to God and each other. Prayer is intimate and can be unsettling to someone not interested in authenticity and relationship.

People that you want on your team, in the trenches with you every day, are not afraid of being vulnerable and seeking God through purposeful prayer.  

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Jason is from Columbia, SC and now lives in Louisville, KY where he is the senior pastor at Springdale Community Church. He loves God and the life-changing power of the Gospel and finds fulfillment journeying with people, fostering creative conversations and speaking in diverse settings.