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There Is No Such Thing as Perfect Christianity

There’s no such thing as a perfect Christian, and there’s no such thing as perfect Christianity.

They don’t exist. One of the biggest lies Satan can tell you is that perfect spirituality can be achieved—it can’t.

There’s no perfect denomination.

There’s no perfect church.

There’s no perfect congregation size.

There’s no perfect style of worship.

There’s no perfect theology.

There’s no perfect children’s ministry curriculum.

There’s no perfect youth ministry philosophy.

There’s no perfect sermon formula.

There’s no perfect service sequence.

There’s no perfect leadership structure.

There’s no perfect interpretation of the Bible.

There’s no perfect strategy for evangelism.

Unfortunately, the idea of attaining perfect faith is perpetuated throughout Christendom. If you only attend this church more, pray more, tithe more, forgive more, sacrifice more, and ultimately do this or that just a little bit more—then you will attain blissful happiness, perfect harmony, divine communion with God and a happily ever after eternity.

But this type of perfection is impossible to attain, and it’s a deception many spend their entire lifetimes attempting to validate.

The concept of perfect faith is tempting to believe in, especially for religious authorities who wield any sort of power, control or influence. Churches, institutions, organizations, pastors, theologians and leaders want us to believe in their perfection—all we have to do is follow them, give to their causes, buy their books, attend their conferences, donate to their fundraisers and support their agendas.

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Stephen Mattson blogs at stephenjmattson.com. He's contributed to Relevant Magazine, Redletterchristians.org, Sojo.net, and studied Youth Ministry at the Moody Bible Institute. He is currently on staff at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Minn. Follow him on Twitter @mikta.