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6 Tough Things That Might Be on Your Pastor’s Mind Today

6 Tough Things That Might Be On Your Pastors Mind Today

Monday is the start of a new work week for most of us. The new beginning is often a good thing—a chance to start afresh. For pastors, though, Mondays can be days of heavy burden based on a weekend of ministry. Here are some things that might be on your pastor’s mind today:

  1. “I wish I hadn’t said it that way.” Most of us critique our sermons for days after we’ve preached them. They’re still rattling around in our head on Monday, especially if we think we bombed.
  2. “I don’t think I saw ________ here yesterday.” You can fill in the blank with that church member’s name. We often recognize when somebody’s missing, particularly if their absence is becoming regular.
  3. “Attendance was down again.” Nobody wants to be driven by numbers, but we do check them. Downward trends can dominate our thinking.
  4. “We need to deal with that problem.” Whatever that “problem” is, it often comes to light on a Sunday, when we have the least time to deal with it. It waits for us on Monday.
  5. “Wow—the giving was down yesterday.” When the dollars are down, the stress often goes up, especially if salaries are at stake.
  6. “I wonder if I’m supposed to be the pastor of this church.” Most of us have this question at some point. Sometimes it’s God leading us away; at other times, it’s just frustration speaking.

On the other hand, here’s the faith statement that I hope is on your pastor’s mind today: “It’s a new week. Let’s get focused and serve God well.”

Say a prayer for your pastors as they begin this week.