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If It’s ‘Spiritual vs. Religious,’ I’ll Choose Religious Every Time

I’m reminded that my life, my forgiveness, my peace, my atonement, my hope come from Christ and Christ alone. I’m reminded that nothing in my hands I bring, simply to his cross I cling.

I desperately need this ritual of grace.

And communion doesn’t stand alone.

Every time I see a new believer plunged under the water, I’m starkly reminded that I have been plunged into Christ, baptized in his death and raised to new life with him. I am not the same person I once was. The old me is dead, gone, buried, crushed. I am new in Christ.

The rite of baptism is certainly NOT dead. It is overflowing with spiritual life.

I recite the Apostles Creed to remind myself that I believe in the triune God who devised, achieved and effects salvation.

We often close Sunday services by singing the doxology as a reminder that all blessings originate with and flow from God.

Scripture never forces us to choose in the spiritual vs religious debate. Rather, it fills our rituals with deep spiritual meaning.

Guided, Not Ruled

Throughout history, the church has used rites and rituals as guidance. Lent leads Christians through a season of repentance and sacrifice before the joy of Easter.

Advent allows us to remember that light has dawned in dark places.

The Creeds help us rehearse and reaffirm the truths that are so precious and so unique to Christianity.

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