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BBC Documentary : Does Christianity Have a Future?

A big thank you to Carson T. Clark for pointing out this brilliant BBC documentary on the future of the Church.

Though focused on the church in the U.K. it has quite a bit of relevance for those of us in the States as well, as there is a good case to be made than as far as spiritual trends go we’ve been following England for quite a while, but with a 40 or 50 year lag time.

Presented by Ann Widdecombe, the documentary looks at trends of decline and their reasons, but find many causes for hope as well in both traditional and fresh expressions of the faith. In the course of an hour Ann interviews young people, journalists, emergent-types, sociologists, Pentecostal leaders, and Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Well worth the time if you are interested in the future of Christianity in the West, and it should tie nicely into a series some friends and I will be presenting throughout the week which we are basing on Eddie Gibbs’ ChurchMorph.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video! Grace and peace.