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The Six Elements of Compelling Vision Illustrated

A few days ago I posted some church leaders take-aways from the Kony 2012, Invisible Children video, 70 Million Views in 7 Days: A Vision Analysis. I also mentioned  the opportunity to see this video through The Six Elements. (Grab the free tool on the previous post.)  Here are just a few observations of how the video weaves through The Six.

And remember… Scheudule 45 minutes in your staff meeting in the next 2 weeks to watch the video and discuss this as a team (30 to watch it and 15 to discuss). Have each team member right down a few phrases for each of The Six Elements.

Common Denominator

  • The video opens with a child being born and a statement about how we all come into the world. The framework of a Father son relationship is leveraged for all the viewers.
  • Use of his own child’s ability to understand the story’s gravity brings stunning clarity and universality to the cause
  • Justice as a universal concept and basic human drive is established
  • The use of social media, great design and simple things like bracelets create a community identity and emotional bond to the cause
  • The inclusion of Jacob and his story, makes the cause personal and relatable and sets up the “Jacob thread”

Burning Platform

  • The repetition of child abduction and reality of being transformed into murders.  The emotional connection made by referencing his own son, “If my son was abducted and forced to murder, it would immediately make the news.
  • The emphasis on “invisibility” of the children as the dominant idea to drive the movement. The emotional connection is deepened by the political irony that initially the US turned a blind eye, because there was no self interest on the basis of self-defense or financial gain.
  • The use of the international criminal list to strengthen the credibility of the problem and Invisible Children’s cause. The emotional connection is heightened by the use of Hitler as a comparable figure to Kony.
  • Jacob Thread: Hearing Jacob talk about wanting to die. Watching Jacob cry and long to be with his dead brother paints a picture of pure hopelessness.

Golden tomorrow

  • The video clip of an abducted child returning to their parents.
  • The idea that common people can make a difference in a world that is connected.  A better world is one in which the worst bad guy is really captured. This is heightened by the simplicity of the action kit. It’s easy and fun to be a part of the solution.
  • The better world that we currently live in as Americans is continually seen throughout the clip. The better world is one where this basic freedom is extended naturally by those who enjoy it. The better world is one where we are “responsibly free” not “selfishly free.”
  • The dominant story of Jacob helps us feel the better world. What will happen to all of the other like Jacob?

Wake-up Call

  • The reference to the fact that during other times in human history we could not have acted like we can now. The reference to how easy it is to forget the ongoing problem by politicians after the first 100 soldiers were sent.
  • The use of 2012 and gutsy claim that it must be over by December 31st. Strengthening this punch of this end date is the reference to the years of battle undertaken.
  • The immediate action step of “Covering the Night”  on April 20th The amazingly simple action steps: wearing a bracelet, sharing a poster, etc.
  • The promise to Joseph that something will be done about the problem.

Mind Stretch

  • The multiple layers of evil – child abduction, sex slavery, arming children for war, forcing children to kill their parents, the pure selfishness of Kony. The ironic idea that by making him famous we will stop him.
  • The idea that everyday people can make a such a dramatic difference. The use of the pyramid logo to demonstrate the big idea that the people can set the agenda for justice to reign rather than pure political influence and financial motivation alone.
  • The idea that 20 culture makers and 12 policy makers all feel passionate and have been recruited in advance
  • The use of Joseph to show how everyone is the same. We all want to have a home and be with our family. But based on where we are born, with no choice of our own, can lead to dramatically different outcomes.

God Smile

  • The video does not reference God.  Christian leaders should note how humanistic some of our most God-like causes can be. Is the Gospel being integrated into the Invisible Children work and chase for Kony? I hope so. If not, the movement will have remedied a short-term hell unaware of the eternal one. Thanks be to God for the Great Remedy, Jesus.

On a side note: I am aware of the both the controversy and unfortunate incident surrounding the leader of this movement in the last few days. (Please pray for Jason Russell.) Yet, the amazing response to this video alone warrants our attention as ministry leaders, vision-castors and story tellers. This video has reached 100 million viewers faster than any other in internet history.