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The Dark Side of Pastor Appreciation Month

I always blame Hallmark for the “holidays” nobody ever heard of that suddenly pop up on the radar. I’m sure it’s just a vast right-wing conspiracy to sell more greeting cards.

“Pastor Appreciation Month” probably wasn’t a Hallmark invention, but it sometimes feels a lot like Grandparents Day or Sweetest Day or many of those other invented holidays where the prospective gift-receiver is left wondering, “If people don’t recognize me, do they really love me?”

I appreciate pastors. I really do. Many of my best friends are pastors. My brother’s a pastor. I was a pastor. You don’t have to convince me pastors have a challenging role with unique stresses and rewards.

Having worked with hundreds of pastors across the country, though, I know you. I know your tendencies. I know your vulnerabilities.

With that, here are some things to consider …

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you are expecting appreciation. 

When we are surprised by someone’s kind word or gesture, it has a bigger impact. When it’s expected, you’ll never know if it’s genuine, and it’s unlikely it’ll ever meet your expectations.

You think you have a tough job, but there are people in your congregation who have tougher circumstances. 

You are not unique. If you ever get to a place where you think your circumstances are far more difficult than anyone else’s, that’s a sure sign you need to see a counselor.