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5 Things to Communicate Every Sunday

We have limited time to interact with church members face-to-face. And considering that Sunday morning services are the most optimized time to communicate with your audience, it’s no wonder that every ministry in your church is clamoring for face time from the stage.

Every weekend is an opportunity to cement your most important communication messages into the minds of people. And while it might be tempting to use the time to make announcements and tell about upcoming events, you should not. Instead of communicating events and ministries, communicate vision, mission, values and strategy with your stage time. Use other communication methods like your website, email, and bulletins to communicate events and ministries.

To pierce the hearts and minds of people in your church and community, you must sharpen your message.

The Five Things Every Church Should Communicate Every Weekend – 

1. The Vision of Your Church

Each weekend church members should be reminded of where you are going and why.

Provide updates on vision movements via live testimonials, videos, banners, media slides, etc.

2. The Mission of Your Church

Here you remind your audience why you exist and what God has uniquely wired your church to do.

3. The Values of Your Church

Values shape the culture of your church.

Weekly communicating the values of your church helps create the desired culture and behaviors.

4. The Strategy of Your Church

Consistently communicate ways your church members can get involved in living out the mission of church.

5. The Stories of Your Church

Use Videos, live testimonials, magazines, etc. to share life-change stories.

Remember stories inspire people.

Each story should be directly tied to how people are living out the mission of church.

Each of these five communication messages can be delivered in different ways. Use the following ways to mix it up each weekend:

  • Sermon Messages
  • Media Slides
  • Banners and Posters
  • Bulletin and Print Pieces
  • Stories and Updates
  • Year End Giving Update
  • Times of Prayer
  • Service Creative Elements

Remember, your key messages are too important not to communicate them consistently, concisely, and with incredible clarity.

How does your church consistently communicate what matters most during worship services?