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13 Signs People Are Excited to Attend Your Church

5. The Pre-Service Vibe

If you want to know if God is moving at any church, just describe for me the atmosphere in your building the 15 minutes before the service. Is there energy in the room? What are the discussions about? Are people smiling and laughing? Is community being built?

6. The Artists Walk on Stage

At PCC, the audience stands and begins clapping as soon as the worship band walks on the stage. They do not need prompting. That’s just cool!

7. The Response to the Music

There is life in the worship. People are alive and responding. The celebratory aspect and sheer excitement of the music and the connection with the audience is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

8. The Response to Scripture

Jesus is celebrated through the reading of His Word. There is spontaneous clapping while reading scripture.

9. The Response to the Message

In that early church, people sat at the disciples’ feet and were filled with a sense of awe. Pastors, how does your church respond to your messages?

10. Life Change

At the conclusion of each message, there is a chance to respond. Each week, significant, heartfelt, deep life change takes place. Lives are being transformed and people are filled with hope.

11. People Walking to the Car

Leaving PCC feels like leaving a sporting event. I’ve come to learn that how people feel when they are leaving a service greatly determines if they will return.

12. People Waiting in Traffic

You have to sit in traffic for about 15-20 minutes each week. I don’t mind because it gives you time as a family to talk about what you just experienced. That is certainly a better feeling than rushing out of church to beat the crowd to the restaurant!

13. And Most Important, It’s All About Jesus

Nothing creates excitement and expectation like continually focusing everything on the One who is worthy of all this excitement, Jesus.

Pastors and church leaders, this post is not designed to compare Passion City Church to yours. We are just trying to establish a grid to determine how excited people are to attend your church.

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