‘GOP Jesus’ Takes Satirical Look at Christian Republicans

Touching on the recent sexual abuse scandals that have rocked both the Catholic and Protestant church, GOP Jesus alters Matthew 5:27-28 and says: “Any man who looks upon a woman with lust in his heart should go ahead and do what he’s got to do.”

After the scenes portraying GOP Jesus teaching his disciples, the video concludes by accurately quoting Scripture for the first time in three minutes. “You have a clever way of rejecting God’s law in order to uphold your own teaching. – Regular Jesus, Mark 7:9.” Clearly, the conclusion the makers of the video are trying to make is that we can say that we’re followers of Jesus but does our voting reflect the heart of Jesus?,

The video concludes by encouraging viewers to go vote.

Even if you don’t agree with the message of the video or the conclusions the makers of the video have come to, there is one thing this video does really well. It challenges us as followers of Christ–regardless of our political affiliation–to seek the heart of Jesus and reflect it in our voting. This video definitely challenges ALL of us to examine ourselves.