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Josh Weidmann: How (Not) to Be an Unhealthy Leader

“I have trained myself to say, ‘For God’s glory,’ after every compliment I receive from my preaching. Now that isn’t just for them. In fact, I would even say, it’s not really for them. I say that to remind my heart that the reason that I preach is for God’s glory.” 

“It can sink me. I tend to take criticism from others, and I measure their criticism in pounds and I measure compliments in ounces.”

“A leader can really create a culture where criticism is not allowed, and it has a very negative impact for everyone.”

“I read through my sermon in front of my staff sometime in the week prior to giving it. I do that because I want them to give me positive criticism, but I have to realize that that’s maybe going to come with some spikes…and then on Monday morning, I get my whole staff together and they review my sermon.”

“I will often say: Your criticism has to first come from first, some type of theological conviction, second, from pastoral preference, and third from personal opinion.”

“I think one of the greatest things that Harvest provided for me was a resolve to make the Bible prevalent in every environment of our church.”

“I think we probably underestimate pastoral depression and anxiety.”

“If they have a pattern of sin and no repentance, then it’s clear they need to step out of ministry. And I believe there are also magnitudes of sin that break trust so much that a person should not remain in a pastoral position.”

“I think a person can start coming back when we see the fruits of true repentance beginning to emerge in their life.”

“Repentance, especially for church leaders and Christian leaders, I do think there is an aspect of it where others have to vouch that, yes, this man’s fruit of repentance is sincere. We can fake fruit all the time.”

Mentioned in the Show by Josh Weidmann 

Daniel 4
1 Peter 5:5-6
Romans 12:2-3
1 Timothy 5

Al Mohler
The End of Anxiety: A Biblical Prescription to Overcome Fear and Doubt by Josh Weidmann (releasing this July)
Gospel Daily podcast
Josh’s website
King David
King Saul
When Is an Elder Disqualified from Ministry?” by Josh Weidmann

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