Transforming the Church With Dr. Derwin L. Gray

The Transforming the Church Podcast, hosted by Dr. Derwin L. Gray, empowers ministry leaders through Gospel-shaped, Christ-centered ministry practices that will encourage God’s people to live on mission with Jesus and equip leaders to lead courageously. In each episode of the Transforming the Church Podcast, your heart will be ignited to lead a movement of everyday missionaries.

Latest Episodes

  • Lessons Learned From the Naked Preacher
    February 9, 2024
    On this episode of "Transforming the Church," Dr. Derwin L. Gray shares some powerful insights on evangelism. He draws from his personal experience of encountering a man he refers to as the "naked preacher" and the profound impact this had on Dr. Gray's faith journey.
  • 4 Lessons From Gandhi on Reaching Unbelievers
    January 23, 2024
    In this episode of the "Transforming the Church" podcast, we're diving deep into the core of Christianity: love.