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Thanksgiving craft

Thanksgiving Craft for Elementary Kids: Praise Pennants

With this Thanksgiving craft, elementary kids raise a victory banner to thank and praise God. Have fun making this craft in Sunday school or at home.
three wise men story

Three Wise Men Story: 12 KidMin Resources for Epiphany

The Bible’s three wise men story recounts when the Magi came to worship Jesus. Use these 12 resources in your children’s ministry program to teach kids about Epiphany.
Samson Bible story for kids

Samson Bible Story for Kids: 19 Resources to Build Strong Faith

Looking for a Samson Bible story for kids? Check out these 19 Samson Bible lesson resources for Sunday school, children’s church, and family devotions!
children’s church ideas for small churches

Children’s Church Ideas for Small Churches: Think Big With S.M.A.L.L.

Do you need children's church ideas for small churches? Is your congregation facing big challenges due to its smaller size? Discover how to go big with programming by thinking S.M.A.L.L.

Two Specific Ways You Claiming ‘Follower of Christ’ Could Be a Liability for Christ

Leaders are in charge—mostly. Being a leader means you have followers. Otherwise, you’re just taking a walk. The sheer presence of followers provides leaders two things we really, really love: power and authority.
fall festival ideas

Fall Festival Ideas: 98 Great Varieties of Seasonal Fun

Fall festival ideas are almost as abundant as fall leaves. So if you're looking for new twists on harvest events or carnivals, check out these 98 suggestions.
children's ministry checklist

Children’s Ministry Checklist: 19 Items You Need to Keep Handy

Use this children's ministry checklist for just-in-case items you'll likely need in classrooms. Keep these 19 items handy!

Sermons4Kids: Top 10 Children’s Sermons to Share With Kids

Sermons4Kids offers a one-stop resource for oodles of children’s messages. No matter what Bible lesson or topic you’re teaching, you’ll find what you need—at no cost.
creation scavenger hunt

Creation Scavenger Hunt, Plus More Summer-Friendly Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities such as a creation scavenger hunt help children learn about God's world. Plus, they build bonds of friendship and are loads of fun! So try this wide range of summer experiences with kids!
prayer stations ideas

12 Prayer Stations Ideas and Prayer Prompts for Interactive Youth Events

Take prayer time to the next level by incorporating one or more creative prayer stations ideas into your youth ministry programming.
Complicating Ministry: The Smaller The Church, The Simpler We Need To Keep It

Stop Complicating Ministry: The Smaller the Church, the Simpler We Need to Keep It

Simplifying things almost always is, no matter what size church you serve, but especially if the church is small (whatever number you consider a small church to be).
water games

Water Games: 8 Kidmin Activities Sure to Make a Splash

Water games and water fun are synonymous with summer. And they're sure to be a hit with children at your church! So try these 8 wet-and-wild kidmin activities.
Father's Day ideas

Father’s Day Ideas: 11 Ways to Celebrate Dads and Special Men

Do you need new Father's Day ideas for June? Then check out these suggestions and adapt them for your church and Sunday school classes. Kids will love honoring their fathers and other special men.
Amy Kenny

‘My Body Is Not a Prayer Request’ Imagines a Disability-Centered Church

“God told me to pray for you!” is about the last thing Amy Kenny wants to hear when she cruises into church riding Diana, the mobility scooter she has named after Wonder Woman.
Father's Day crafts

Father’s Day Crafts: 20 Fun, Free Ways for Kids to Honor Dad

Father’s Day will be here soon! So check out these 20 Father’s Day crafts that pair kids' love for creating with their love for their dads.
devotions for kindergartners

Devotions for Kindergartners: 9 Bible-Based Resources for Young Children

Are you looking for devotions for kindergartners? We've gathered Bible-based resources that are age-appropriate for young Sunday school students and families.
Earth Day craft

Earth Day Craft for Children’s Ministry: New Life With Jesus

God's creation is amazing. So is his free gift of eternal life through Jesus! Celebrate both with this fun Earth Day craft for Sunday school and children's church.
Palm Sunday Object Lesson

Palm Sunday Object Lesson: The Rocks Cry Out

Use this Palm Sunday object lesson: The Rocks Cry Out to help kids learn that they can praise Jesus! Luke 19:40 “And He answered and said, ‘I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!’”
kids worship

Seven Practical Ways to Welcome Kids to Worship

Our traditional service structures often make it difficult to extend the hand of welcome to the next generation and it can be difficult to maneuver within those confines and find ways of incorporating all generations.
Easter activities for kids

Easter Activities for Kids: Baskets of Fun Ideas Children Will Love

Check out all these great Easter activities for kids! They include Easter games, crafts, snacks and more.

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