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David Rowan

Florida Pastor Accused of Molesting Two Teens Dies by Suicide

66 year-old pastor David Rowan was found dead in a parking garage on Thursday, December 2 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rowan was on trial for allegedly molesting two teenage girls while serving as a guest speaker at a local church in 2014. His wound was self-inflicted.
Depression, Hopelessness, and Suicide

Being a Christian Does Not Make You Immune to Depression, Hopelessness, and Suicide

What would happen if the Church were to use this opportunity to talk about depression, hopelessness, and suicide from the pulpit? I suspect that hurting individuals might realize they are not the only ones suffering, they are loved and not judged and can get the help they need.
Paige Hilken suicide

Four Months After Giving Birth, Pastor’s Wife Dies by Suicide

Just months after giving birth to their fifth child, Paige Hilken, the wife of a pastor, took her own life after experiencing mental health issues.
kabul, afghanistan

Suicide Bombers Strike Kabul Airport; ‘Panicked’ Afghan Christians Still Trying to Leave

Suicide bombers struck two areas near the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing at least 72 people, including 12 U.S. service members. The attacks came shortly after reports that Christians and other vulnerable populations are being barred from government flights out of the country.
Lindsey Austin

Coming Out, Mental Health Crisis in the Background of Steve Austin’s Suicide

Recent blog posts from former pastor Steve Austin show that before his apparent suicide, he had come out as queer and his wife, Lindsey Austin, was hospitalized for significant mental health problems.
Steve Austin

Friends Mourn Steve Austin, Former Pastor and Author Who Wrote About Suicide and Mental...

Steve Austin, a former pastor who wrote candidly about his struggles with mental health, has died. 
2019 Easter Attack

UPDATE: Top Muslim Leader Arrested for ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Suicide Bombers in 2019 Easter...

A top Muslim leader has been arrested for allegedly “aiding and abetting the suicide bombers who committed the Easter Sunday carnage." The bombings took the lives of 269 people, including hero Ramesh Raju who denied entry to one of the bombers.
suicide bomber

Suicide Bomb Hits Palm Sunday Mass in Indonesia, 20 Wounded

Two attackers believed to be members of a militant network blew themselves up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral during a Palm Sunday Mass on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, wounding at least 20 people, police said.
suicide prevention

Today Is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay2020

This day for suicide prevention brings awareness to everyone around the world that suicide can be prevented and how to help loved ones who are fighting suicidal thoughts.
contemplated suicide

1 in 4 Young People Have Contemplated Suicide During Pandemic

According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25.5 percent, or one in four adults, ages 18-24, say they have contemplated suicide in the past month as a result of the pandemic.
seacoast church

Death of Darrin Patrick Is Officially Found to Be Suicide

“We are devastated by this news," said Seacoast Church in a statement. "We will recommit ourselves to loving those around us and making sure that they truly know how precious their lives are.”
social isolation

Pandemic Linked to Surge in Domestic Violence, Suicide

Requiring people to shelter in social isolation might be a necessary measure in order to stop the spread of Covid-19, but a side effect for many is that it increases the danger they are in.
Thoughts of Suicide

What to Do When Your Child Has Thoughts of Suicide

Suicide is not something anyone wants to think about, much less become familiar with, but when you're child expresses thoughts of suicide, you may not know what to do. Here's what you as a parent can do for your child.
suicide rates in youth

Suicide Rates in Youth: An ‘enormous problem hiding in plain sight’

A new report from the CDC reveals the suicide rate in youth increased by 56 percent between 2007 and 2017. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24.
pastor commits suicide

Rusty George: How My Church Navigated the Tragedy of Pastoral Suicide

How are ministry leaders to guide their congregations when a pastor commits suicide? Pastor Rusty George has personal experience navigating this tragic scenario, and he shares his thoughts on how church leaders can help their members process one of their pastors dying.
pastor greg laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie on Suicide: Hope Has the Last Word

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship delivered a message Thursday at a special service remembering the life of Jarrid Wilson. While Laurie had a number of exhortations for his listeners, he especially emphasized the preeminence of Jesus.
Jarrid Wilson

Jarrid Wilson, Pastor, Author and Mental Health Advocate, Dies by Suicide This Week

Jarrid Wilson, pastor and author of Love Is Oxygen: How God Can Give You Life and Change Your World, died by suicide on Monday September 9, 2019. He died on World Suicide Prevention Day 2019.
maurice hardwick

Pastor Says ‘God sent me’ to Stop Man Attempting Suicide

A pastor named Maurice Hardwick stopped a man from committing suicide last weekend when Hardwick was driving, missed his exit, and then happened to see the man standing on a Metro Detroit freeway overpass.

Distraught Chinese Pastor Dies by Suicide, Calls It Martyrdom

A Chinese pastor who tried complying with the government's requirements for the three self patriotic movement has died by suicide. In a note, the pastor claims his action was one of martyrdom.

Suicide Bomb in Syria’s Christian Center Targeted ‘Belligerent Christians’

A Syrian Orthodox Church in Qamishli was targeted last week in a suicide bombing which claimed the lives of 11 people. Even with ISIS being pushed back, Syrian Christians live in constant fear for their lives.

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