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Church Turns to Surprising Venue to Reach Worshippers

A bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma is now streaming live worship services every weekend from a local church.

Helping Students Who Are Cutting

My friend AC posted (on his blog yoacblog.com) a great summary about cutting and self-injury after attending a workshop at the Simply...

3 Lessons Every Writer, Speaker, Blogger, and Musician Can Learn from Led Zeppelin

Once in a while we bloggers will get someone (virtually never a regular subscriber) who’ll flip out over one word or sentence in...

Convictions that Drive Missions

John Piper shares fourteen convictions his church has for missions.

The “Halftime in America” Commercial: What it Could Teach Leaders

Looking back at the 2012 Super Bowl, one of the big hits was Chrysler’s two minute TV spot, “It’s Halftime in America,” featuring actor and director...

How to Motivate Your Volunteers for Training

Is a lack of motivation the real problem when it comes to training your volunteers for ministry?

How a Church Greeting Saved One Man's Life

Brady Boyd shares a powerful story about how God used a simple greeting time to thwart a man's suicide attempt.

The Angry…I Mean, Depressed Male: Do You Know Him?

Over the last several months when I have gathered for lunch with a few of my friends, we joke about the idea of...

What's Sucking the Life Out of You? (Pt. 2)

The leech has two suckers that cry out, "More, more!"  There are three things that are never satisfied--no, four...

6 Things That Can Suck the Life Out of You!

The leech has two suckers that cry out, "More, more!"  There are three things that are never satisfied--no, four that never...

Don't Blow It on Your Break: 4 Holiday Mistakes to Avoid

Rick Howerton encourages leaders not to trip up on these common leadership pitfalls during the holidays.

Future vs. Past: Figuring out the Tension

Leaders can be torn apart by poorly navigated tension.

A Chilling Reality

Last night I read an absolutely heartbreaking article. The article released online yesterday by Time Magazine said… Almost 40% of kids attempting suicide make their...

5 Gift Ideas for Your Volunteers This Christmas

Every year we do a simple dinner-and-a-movie thank you dinner for our volunteers. We dress up all warm in pea coats and scarves...

Trust, But Verify.

A recent World Series incident reminds me of a key leadership lesson that many young leaders tend to forget. The incident I’m...

A Godless Dream

On Sunday, October 9, 2011, former Beatles member Paul McCartney married his girlfriend of four years Nancy Shevell. What I found most interesting about this...

7 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Mobile Devices

Parents, if your kid has a cell phone, don’t trust them; protect them.

Saddleback's Sister Church in Indonesia Bombed

A suicide bomber attacked a church in Indonesia affiliated with Rick Warren's Saddleback church, killing only himself and injuring at least 30 congregants.

High School Questions

I'm really praying that we are trying to invite a generation understand, own, and live out a life-changing faith in Jesus.  To that end,...

Pleasure Is the Measure of Your Treasure

by Jon Bloom   No one puts it as bluntly as Blaise Pascal in his Pensées: All men seek happiness. This is without exception. Whatever different...

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