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Groups Interactive’s New Version Takes a Big Step in the Right Direction

I had a chance this week to connect with Andy Ivankovich, the founder of UpperRoom Technologies, and take a look at the...

Small Groups = BIG Priority

Small groups—and small group leaders—continue to be more and more of a priority in churches.

Coaching From the Trenches

by Michael Sove When I began the journey into cells the most talked about coaching structure was the Jethro model.  This is broken down...

Staying the Course Leads to a Church Of Groups

We over-estimate what we can do in one year and we under-estimate what we can do in 20 years.”  I remember hearing Rick...

Helping People Find the Right Group

I love it when people tell me that their small group feels like home!

Free Resource: Best Bible Study Methods

"This lesson focuses on preparing your materials -- and yourself -- to get into God's Word."

Free Discussion Guide: The Reason for God by Timothy Keller

"Why does God allow suffering in the world? How could a loving God send people to hell?"

Why Jesus Wouldn’t Win The Nobel Peace Prize

A friend of mine named Joe mentioned that this topic would make a good blog post. I considered what would be the best way...

Click Clique

It’s important for people in a small group to “click” but it’s destructive if they “clique”. Here’s what I mean: one of Satan’s...

The Balance between Action and Care in Coaching

The supervision system in Elim Church is the Jethro Model. We received this model from the example of Pastor Cho’s church in South...

Skill Training: Help Your New Groups Have a Great First Meeting

You know what they say.  “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”  If that’s true it makes a lot...

Glorifying "My Truth" vs. "God's Truth"

Rick Howerton warns small groups against glorifying a personal belief system instead of God.

Is it Okay to Question God?

"There's a subtle difference between questioning God and asking God a question."

Social Networking Gospel

The first half of the 2nd chapter of Mark contains a curious pairing of evangelistic stories:  the healing of a paraplegic man and...

Ministry Service Levels and Coaching

by Jeff Tunnell Using the 12.3 concept, each of our staff have the oversight of up to 12 cell groups.  When one of our Cell leaders multiplies a...

The Dual Invitation of Leadership Development

I will forever marvel at Jesus mastery of leadership development.  His every word and every movement was filled with great intentionality.  As...

Take Advantage of Testimony to Recruit Hosts

I’ve talked about this concept before (here and here), but it is so powerful I wanted to come back to it one more...

Resource: The Complete Book of Questions

I had lunch yesterday with Gary Poole, the author of Seeker Small Groups, and re-familiarized myself with a neat little book I’d forgotten about. ...

Free Resource: Creating Community

How to move from small talk towards authentic community.

Free Song: "Holy, Holy, Holy"

Piano accompaniment track for the hymn, "Holy, Holy, Holy."

Popular CCM Artist Chris Rice Allegations of Grooming, Inappropriately Touching Teenage...

Reports that Christian music artist Chris Rice groomed and sexually assaulted a teenage boy in the late 90s to early 2000s have been deemed credible by Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE).

Karen Swallow Prior: How the Church Should Move Forward Now Roe...

Karen Swallow Prior joins us for a breaking episode of the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the American church can move forward well now that Roe has been overturned.

Small Group Leaders