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4 Components of Healthy Small Groups

How do you answer the question, “What does your group do?”

Probably the most common answers would be, “Our group…

  • meets to discuss their pastor’s last message
  • works their way through a book of the Bible
  • always has a DVD-driven study
  • eats a meal together twice a month
  • chooses a service project to do together
  • etc.

Healthy Groups Integrate Four Components into Every Gathering

One of the many helpful insights that Carl George introduced with the Meta Church model is that four components are present at every gathering in healthy groups.  These components are love, learn, decide and do.  The balance between the components are determined by the purpose or function of the group (for example, a small group that focuses on Bible study might be 20% love, 70% learn, 5% decide, and 5% do, while a serving group might be 20% love, 10% learn, 5% decide, and 65% do).

The key to the insight is that for a group to be healthy, all four components must be present.

Remember, designing your group for life-change is much more than simply choosing the best activity or study.  The way you spend your time together is a key element.  If you want your group to be healthy, all four of these components must be present.  See also, Skill Training: Design Your Group for Life-Change.

Four Simple Steps for Healthy Groups

    1. Identify the function of your group (is it a Bible study, a service team, a prayer group, etc.)
    2. Determine the current percentage of time the group currently spends on loving, learning, deciding, and doing.
    3. Discuss the four components and determine the ideal percentages given the function of your group.
    4. Implement a plan to ensure that all four components are present.