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5 Things Pastors Need to Consider When Navigating Their Future

Through the years, I have been able to observe many things as I’ve watched pastors navigate through their future. I believe pastors and ministers need to consider these five things as they navigate through their future.

1. Know Your True Calling

Many leaders think they know their calling, but may not know what they’ve truly been called to. Their personal aspirations oftentimes do not connect with their genuine calling of God.

Because a person likes to preach does not mean he is called to pastor a church. Preaching every now and then or to a certain segment of the church consistently is not the same as ministering the Word of God to a church weekly as the lead pastor-teacher.

Self-awareness of your true calling will keep you from a multitude of sins and preserve you from misery in ministry. Otherwise, you will operate in ministry by attempting to do what you are not really called to do. Blessing, joy and anointing follow you when you are loyal to your genuine calling.

2. Fully Experience Where God Is Moving

When God rains down His supernatural blessings on a ministry you are leading and experiencing, refuse to get caught up in thinking the blessings will follow you. If you believe this, you are taking responsibility for what is taking place rather than looking to the God of Heaven who has chosen to come upon your ministry in His merciful sovereignty. Wisdom says you should slow down and experience fully where God is moving. Do not take it for granted.

Die to yourself daily. Surrender to Him and enjoy what He is choosing to do through you and around you. Running to the next ministry because it is always what you have aspired to do may, in fact, be like running from God if it is not congruent with the will of the Lord.

3. Geography Is Not Your Choice

Where God calls you is not up to you, but to God alone. Geography is not your choice. You need to take the Bible and a map; then pray for God to lead your life and ministry.

Too many pastors want to define their specifications by size of church, city, state or salary. Pastor, until you are willing to go anywhere, God will not place you somewhere.

One more time, geography is not your choice, your wife’s, nor your extended family’s choice. Where you minister is God’s choice.