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Ministry Service Levels and Coaching

by Jeff Tunnell

Using the 12.3 concept, each of our staff have the oversight of up to 12 cell groups.  When one of our Cell leaders multiplies a new cell, by raising up a multiplication leader, we begin using them to coach that new leader.  When they raise up 3 new leaders we commission them as coaches to their multiplication leaders and they attend our weekly coach’s meeting.  Our staff coaches maintain direct oversight of the new multiplication leaders until they have their ‘3’. 

Our coaching structure has been successful when we have been attentive to it. We have seen failure in the first level leaders that result in stranding their multiplied leader, so we see the need to remain the official coach until 3 groups are multiplied and cared for by the new coach.  Here is our structure:

Big Bear Christian Center – Ministry Service Levels

Lighthouse     # of  
Designation Role Duty People Principle
Family Member Cell Member In a Cell 1 Connect
Family Cell Group Weekly Gathering 3-15 Live
Assistant Keeper (1-4) Intern Cell Leader KT* Enrollee 3-15 Mature
Lighthouse Keeper Cell Leader 1 Lighthouse 3-15 Implement
Watchman Chapter Overseer 2-5 Lighthouses 6-75 Coach
Deputy Engineer District Pastor (PT) 3-5 Chapters 27-375 Supervise
District Inspector District Pastor (FT) 6+ Chapters 162-2250 Support
Commissioner Senior Pastor All District Pastors   Coordinate

KT = Keeper Training, PT = Part time staff, FT = Full time staff

The structure is adapted inhouse by using terminology that reflects a Lighthouse theme, demonstrated in the first column.  Coaching structures should include every level of ministry all the way to the Senior Pastor so that there is always a new goal before those aspiring to leadership.  Ours have plenty of room for that!