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A First Century Story for the 21st

Fourth, recent migrations—especially into Europe, triggered by internal strife in Syria—have placed Muslims in a free world where they are able to ask questions. “Before, they were forced collectively to be Muslims, but here they have a choice,” Yassir said.

Fifth, all this has arisen out of the prayers of people all over the globe, and today it is harvest time. For years, people saw very little fruit, but Yassir believes that the countless thousands turning to faith in Christ today represent a fruit of those prayers.

I’ll continue my conversation with Yassir in my next dispatch. For now, let me introduce you to how MBBs are being nurtured.

A New Global Body for Converts

Communio Messianica, just a decade old, is a global network connecting MBBs and providing links to services so greatly needed by first-generation converts. Many MBBs continue to face persecution where they live, and others are shunned by family and friends. This worldwide network, founded by MBBs, serves new converts in some 80 countries, addressing the needs of “identity, belonging and legitimization.” (See communiomessianica.org for more information.)

Yassir Eric is one example of this global movement, an unearthing of hidden hopes and dreams (in many cases, literal dreams) for the life that can be found in Jesus of Nazareth.

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