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The Telltale Sign of a Lukewarm Worship Leader

lukewarm worship leader
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Worship Leader Carlos Whitaker once posted a short but telling list of eight characteristics of a lukewarm worship leader. Let’s talk about the lukewarm worship leader characteristic “When you pray more onstage than offstage.” Since worship leaders are not onstage as often as they are off the stage (everyday life), this really means a lukewarm worship leader spends very little time in prayer outside of gathered worship services.

My Papaw used to wear a button bearing the phrase “Seven days without prayer.” (Consider also how often Jesus Himself withdrew to solitary places to commune with His Father. This prayerful rhythm of Christ’s life is our example to follow. After all, we do call Him “Lord.”)

Our Lord Jesus has commissioned us to feed His sheep, to lead His sheep and to love His sheep. We cannot do this well without spending time with the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, communing in prayer as we give Him our thanks and praise, as we roll our burdens onto Him, as we make our requests known to Him, as we confess our sins and acknowledge our ongoing need for grace upon grace. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to follow the way of Christ in doing the work our Father has called us to do every time we step on the stage to lead others in worship of His name.