Just Above Water

Sometimes I think our consumerism gets the best of our interpretation and we infuse into a passage a promise to expect instead of a purpose for our lives. When I think of Peter walking on the water I don’t know whether I should expect to think that I am intended to be a “superhero” or if I’m simply just supposed to never doubt. 

Either way I sink and I swim with no sure footing. Fear of the violent waves overtake me. The holes in my faith that flood and bring this vessel down seem to always be centered in my flesh.

I fear I can’t provide for the future.

I fear I’m the only one who cares.

I fear I’m doing the wrong things.

I fear stuff doesn’t happen because of me.

The moment “I” focus too much on “I” is the moment “I” sink.

When we ask God, “Command me to come to you” and he brings us to him there will always be fear and there will always be doubt. You’re not intended to walk on water because of you. You’re intended to walk on water to get to Jesus. Chasing after Jesus, what we believe about him, and what he calls us to be is about the most audacious and crazy water walking I will ever hope to see. 

Keeping your eyes on him and completely disregarding the violent wind and waves is a constant fight against self preservation, control, and comfort. 

Just wanted to throw that out there.

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Chad Swanzy has served in youth ministry for 15 years and currently works as the student ministry director at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas. Learn more from Chad and ask him your questions at ChadSwanzy.com.