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Hosting an SAT/ACT Prep Class

Guest Post by Chase Miller

Every year many of your students face a very important challenge; the SAT and ACT Admissions Test.

These tests are both designed to test a student’s knowledge to ensure they will succeed in college. One’s test score also directly affects a student’s scholarship offers from the colleges they are accepted to. Sufficient to say, a quality score on the ACT or SAT is on the forefront for most juniors and seniors in your youth group.

However, more than just the students in your youth group; the SAT and ACT is important for every student at your local high schools. That is why it is essential to take advantage of these tests and help students get a better score. There are plenty of ways to go about this, but my suggestion is to offer a free ACT/SAT Prep Class for students in your area.

Its a bold idea, but would it be that hard? Simply hire someone or see if there is someone in your church that could teach a SAT/ACT Prep class. Many students would take advantage of this class and it would be a great opportunity for interacting and meeting students who don’t normally attend school.

Help student’s succeed and show them that you care about their future by offering a SAT/ACT Prep Class.

Chase Miller is a High School student from Orange County, CA. He loves to surf, tweets occasionally and would love to guest post on your blog!!

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