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church hunters john crist

John Crist Nails the Problem with ‘Church Hunters’ in Newest Spoof

It may be a spoof, but it begs the question: What culture are you creating within your church?
Don't waste your life John Piper

Listen to John Piper’s Iconic 7-Minute-Message that Inspired ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’

"Don't waste your life. Don't waste it," John Piper admonishes young people.
5 Seconds of Awkward Can Save You from a Life-Time of Regret

5 Seconds of Awkward Can Save You from a Lifetime of Regret

Sadie Robertson's video reminds us that sometimes the most profound wisdom can come in the simplest of forms.
Who we are Gungor

Are We Really Who We’ve Always Said We Are?

As Christians, we claim to be followers Jesus and his instructions. But do we remember who we are when the instructions are difficult to follow?
Pastoral Pitfalls

What Are the Top 3 Pitfalls Pastors Fall Into?

Dr. York describes the gateway to all other sins like adultery, dishonest finances, and laziness.
Proposal John Crist

The Perfect Instagram Proposal

Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend? John Crist wants to help you make sure it's Instagram-worthy!

Doctor Advises Pastors on How to Minister to Couples Struggling with Infertility

For those who are unable to conceive a child, infertility places a particularly heavy weight of suffering on the couple.

Revelation: All of History Follows the Same Pattern, and Then the Lamb Wins

Revelation falls under the genre of Apocalypse, which is a type of Jewish literature that contains symbolic visions which reveal a “heavenly perspective on history in light of its final outcome."
Martin Luther King Billy Graham

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Death Was ‘one of the greatest shocks’ of Billy Graham’s...

“Christianity is not a white man’s religion—and don’t let anyone ever tell you that it’s white or black. Christ belongs to all people. He belongs to the whole world."
Inerrancy John MacArthur

John MacArthur: Why Preachers Must Believe in the Inerrancy of Scripture

“I can’t edit God. I can’t decide what I should preach and what I shouldn’t preach."
john 15:5

John Piper: We Can Do Nothing

"Prayer is the open admission that without Christ, we can do nothing.”
Russell Moore

Russell Moore Explains Why Christians Should Fight for the Liberties of Other Religions

“When we defend religious freedom for people who disagree with us, we’re doing that because we believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ."
Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch: Are You Obsessed with Safety and Security?

“If you want to be creative, you have to risk failure," Alan Hirsch argues.
Luke Jesus Mary

The Bible Project’s ‘Gospel of Luke’ Tells Us Jesus Came to Turn the World...

Even during his first moments on earth, Jesus chose the marginalized, the poor, the lowly and humble, to be the stars of his story.
MacArthur transgender

John MacArthur: Transgenderism is a Form of Suicide and an Assault on God

“Simply stated, there is no such thing as transgender. You’re either XX or XY. That’s it."
Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins Shares His Favorite—and Most Hilarious—Christmas Memories

Tim Hawkins shares about the best and most humorous parts of Christmas.

The Surprising State of the Average Church-Goer’s Theology

Based on a series of questions to self-professing evangelicals, Ligonier has come to the conclusion that evangelicals have rejected much of the tenants of Christianity.
Tim Tebow

Was What Happened at Tim Tebow’s John 3:16 Game Just a Coincidence? He Doesn’t...

“A lot of people say it’s coincidence; I say big God."

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It is Now Illegal to Call a Non-Gender Conforming Person in...

Canada's Bill C-16 could potentially levy fines, make sensitivity training mandatory, or—if the courts push for it—incarcerate anyone refusing to recognize the validity of non-gender conforming identity and pronouns.

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