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Sammy Rodriguez: The God of Droughts, Fires, and Rain

Have you been in a spiritual drought, financial drought, or relational drought? This message is for you.

Michael Horton: 5 Guidelines to Interpret Scripture Accurately

“Did you know that for just about every passage of Scripture there are literally thousands of interpretive choices?”

Marriage Advice for Husbands: Make Your Wife Happy

“If the wife is not happy, the children will know that she’s not happy because daddy is in the ministry, and so they end up getting upset with God."
Beth Moore

Beth Moore: God Told Me to Take Money and Go to a Bus Stop

"Take money with you. I will tell you who to give it to.”

Dr. Henry Cloud: The Best Research-based Insights on Increasing Our Happiness

“If you’re working on your life, you can find sustainable well-being."
chris andersonvideo

Chris Anderson | TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking

"There's no single formula for a great talk, but there is a secret ingredient that all the best ones have in common."
Pray in the Corporate Prayer Meeting - Mack Tomlinsonvideo

Mack Tomlinson | How to Pray in the Corporate Prayer Meeting

"When praying in a corporate prayer meeting, ask God to help you to forget everybody else."
adam grant thinkersvideo

Adam Grant | The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

"The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they're the ones who try the most,"
robert morrisvideo

Robert Morris: Run With the Ball, Stay Behind Me!

Jesus gives us the ball to run behind him.
sermon prepvideo

Your Sermon Prep Is Not an Excuse to Ignore God’s People

"Your preaching ministry is the central part of your pastoral ministry. But it's not the only part."

John Bevere: Gaining Freedom from Sin, Addictions and Pornography

"It's not just knowing truth, it's loving truth."

Understanding the Book of Proverbs

"The book of Proverbs explained with illustrations."
Steve Saint Shares a Story About Angelsvideo

Steve Saint Shares a Story About Angels

Steve Saint shares the story regarding God's work through the deaths of the five missionaries in Ecuador.
doubt tony evans

Do You Ever Doubt?

"There are things you can do when you doubt to help bring you to the next level of faith."
Jesus Christ reflectvideo

Joseph Prince | Look at Jesus, Not Yourself

"No matter how you feel about yourself, the Holy Spirit empowers you to turn to Jesus in order to see your worth through His eyes."
Christian Nationvideo

Russell Moore: Is America Really a Christian Nation?

"Is America a Christian nation? It depends on what you mean by “Christian nation.” Russell Moore explains."

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