Videos for Outreach & Missions

Videos for Outreach & Missions

Sinner's Prayer biblical

Is The Sinner’s Prayer Biblical?

A person’s sincerity about his or her salvation is not dependent upon the “facts of a prayer” but actually having the fruit of the Spirit.
How Should Husbands and Wives Agree on Life Decisions

Matt and Lauren Chandler: How to Go about Life Decisions when the Husband Is...

Marriage has a deeper meaning than two people taking up space in a home, sharing responsibilities, and physically connecting with each other.
What is Superstitious about Asking Jesus into Your Heart?

Why We Need to Stop Telling People to ‘ask Jesus into your heart’

Can we as Christians do something with the right intentions but in the wrong way?
Amazing Grace: The Power of Forgiveness in the Time of Grief

Children of Slain Robert Godwin Display Forgiveness of Jesus in CNN Interview

This type of forgiveness can only come from the power of Jesus Christ.

Easter’s Challenge to the Non-Christian

Should non-Christians care about Easter?
Christian Cuevas

Christian Cuevas Performs Powerful Gospel Song on ‘The Voice’

Christian Cuevas stakes his advancement to the finals of "The Voice" on Israel & the New Breed's "To Worship You I Live."
Trip Lee

Trip Lee Raps the Gospel in 2 Minutes

"There’s no like him—that’s why I like him, Risen indeed, he sets prisoners free."

Del Fehsenfeld: How to Stand in the Gap

It’s possible that we are experiencing God’s judgement and his greater judgement to come, but Fehsenfeld believes, "God wants to avert judgement.”
trust David Platt

David Platt: Why Most Christians Aren’t Involved in the Great Commission

“If you can trust God to save you, then you can trust God to lead you."
Oprah Winfrey_Lentz

Carl Lentz Explains the Premise of Christianity to Oprah

Oprah's take on Carl Lentz's teaching: “Your goal is to transform the way people experience their relationship with God."
China Bible

Some Christians in China Wait Over 10 Years to Own a Bible

Kua Wee Seng of United Bible Societies says he has met people who have been "waiting for the Bible for the last 10 years, 14 years.”

Ray Comfort: Why I Don’t Pray The Sinner’s Prayer With People

Ray Comfort is known for his expertise in evangelism, yet he does not believe in leading converts through “the sinner’s prayer."

Quiz: How Charismatic Are You, Really?

Take this quiz to find out if your worship style and spiritual life are more Charismatic than you might think...

Jackie Hill-Perry Testimony: My Journey Out of Lesbianism

"Jackie Hill-Perry shares her testimony about God's grace in saving her and delivering her out of lesbianism."
suicide factsvideo

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Suicide

"Every day an average of 600 people are intimately affected by the suicide of a loved one."

Greg Laurie Reflects on the Death of Prince

Greg Laurie's thoughts on the death of Prince.

Jeremy Courtney: Restoring Hearts in Iraq

"I'm concerned that we are not doing enough as the church anymore to prepare our people to suffer."

The Priority of Growing in Love

"I would gain nothing unless I loved others."

Are Smartphones Trapping Us in Anti-Social Bubbles?

"Smartphones isolate us; ironically, they rob us of true solitude."

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Billy Graham Preaches One Last Time In His Will

Billy Graham's will has been filed publicly and in addition to the typical legal jargon for dividing up assets and designating executors, the evangelist used it to point his family and the world to Jesus Christ.

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Jon Sanders: Embrace Your Small Town, Don’t Try to Escape It

"My life stands as evidence that God does not call the equipped...He equips the called." - Jon Sanders