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medical missions

Medical Missions: How Community Health Evangelism Heals Lives and Transforms Hurting Communities

Community Health Evangelism/Education (CHE) incorporates physical and spiritual education with a special focus on prevention of disease, not treatment after the fact. These medical missions heal an transform communities.
Is Compatibility in Marriage Overrated?

Perhaps We’ve Over-Emphasized Compatibility When Looking for a Spouse

when it comes to marriage could there be a chance that we might be overplaying the importance of finding someone who aligns with us on virtually everything? In the following video, Jefferson and Alysa Bethke speak to this interesting subject.
how to share the gospel

WATCH: How to Share the Gospel with Your Family Members

In a recent episode of “Way of the Master,” Kirk Cameron shared his thoughts on how to share the gospel with your family well, which is very practical advice for the holidays!

Brian Welch of Korn Says God Led Him Back to the Band

Brian Welch, one of the founding members of Korn, explains why he rejoined the band after leaving it when he became a Christian.
father daughter

The Father Daughter Dance That Made Prison Guards Cry

Just because a father is locked in doesn’t mean he should be locked out of his daughter’s life. That's why Angela Patton started a father-daughter dance in a jail.
sinner's prayer

David Platt: Is The Sinner’s Prayer Biblical?

A person’s sincerity about his or her salvation is not dependent upon the “facts of a prayer” but actually having the fruit of the Spirit.
Rethinking Getting People to Church

Stop Inviting People to Your Church!

Sometimes inviting people to your church misses the point entirely

David Platt: Mission Has Been the Purpose of Our Lives from the Beginning of...

David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, tells us that the call to missions began much longer before Matthew’s Gospel.
Do You Want to be a Millennial Missionary?

John Crist Takes Stinging Jab at Millennial Missionaries in New Video

Have a good laugh with this video, but please remember that the satire in it can expose some real and faulty values that can exist in our western church culture.
How a Transformers Star was Transformed

From the Bronx to the Navy Seals to Transformers: Remi Adeleke’s Amazing God-Led Story

“This movie by the name of Bad Boys came out…That was the first movie I remember seeing where there were two heroes who look like me and they weren’t playing thugs, or gangsters, or drug dealers, but instead they were playing heroes who were essentially running, gunning, and saving the day."
Matt and Lauren Chandler: How to Go about Life Decisions when the Husband Is the Head of Your Home

Matt and Lauren Chandler: How to Go about Life Decisions when the Husband Is...

Marriage has a deeper meaning than two people taking up space in a home, sharing responsibilities, and physically connecting with each other.
Why We Need to Stop Telling People to 'ask Jesus into your heart'

Why We Need to Stop Telling People to ‘ask Jesus into your heart’

Can we as Christians do something with the right intentions but in the wrong way?
Amazing Grace: The Power of Forgiveness in the Time of Grief

Children of Slain Robert Godwin Display Forgiveness of Jesus in CNN Interview

This type of forgiveness can only come from the power of Jesus Christ.

Easter’s Challenge to the Non-Christian

Should non-Christians care about Easter?
Christian Cuevas

Christian Cuevas Performs Powerful Gospel Song on ‘The Voice’

Christian Cuevas stakes his advancement to the finals of "The Voice" on Israel & the New Breed's "To Worship You I Live."
Trip Lee

Trip Lee Raps the Gospel in 2 Minutes

"There’s no like him—that’s why I like him, Risen indeed, he sets prisoners free."

Del Fehsenfeld: How to Stand in the Gap

It’s possible that we are experiencing God’s judgement and his greater judgement to come, but Fehsenfeld believes, "God wants to avert judgement.”
trust David Platt

David Platt: Why Most Christians Aren’t Involved in the Great Commission

“If you can trust God to save you, then you can trust God to lead you."
Oprah Winfrey_Lentz

Carl Lentz Explains the Premise of Christianity to Oprah

Oprah's take on Carl Lentz's teaching: “Your goal is to transform the way people experience their relationship with God."
China Bible

Some Christians in China Wait Over 10 Years to Own a Bible

Kua Wee Seng of United Bible Societies says he has met people who have been "waiting for the Bible for the last 10 years, 14 years.”

Cathedral to Replace Confederate Windows With Stained Glass Reflecting Black Life

Four years after the Washington National Cathedral removed windows depicting Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the windows will be filled with work by artist Kerry James Marshall related to racial justice.

Ann Voskamp: What We Are Missing in God’s Vision for Hospitality

"It's not about becoming like Julia Child," says Ann Voskamp. "Hospitality is about welcoming in the marginalized as the next child of God."

Videos for Outreach & Missions