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Who Chose Who?

God Chose You Before You Chose Him

If you are watching this video, and you have faith in Christ and have been united in Him, it is because you were chosen before the foundation of the world.
Lady with a Bible Verse…for Everything

That Lady who Has a Bible Verse…for Everything

"Apple Computers? I don’t think so.. that comes right from original sin.. only Microsoft products for me."
How to Be Faithful In an Increasingly Hostile Culture

How to Remain Faithful to the Teachings of Christianity in an Increasingly Hostile Culture

It’s easy to point a law-abiding finger and to expose the shameful acts within our culture. But that doesn't make a lot of sense to a secular culture.
Spoken Word on Martin Luther King Jr.

Spoken Word Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Evil May Touch Our Bodies,...

"Because Christ is alive we know that someday racism will be completely dead."
John Pipervideo

John Piper: Why PhDs in Theology Commit Adultery

It is a dangerous thing to participate in “graduate school sins” while having a “grammar school knowledge of God.”
Are Church Unintentionally Undermining the Biblical Teaching on Singleness

Is the Church Unintentionally Undermining the Biblical Teaching on Singleness?

While singleness and marriage are both temporary, Christ’s commitment to His children is permanent.
Pastors on Easter be like…

Pastors on Easter Be Like…

Like a ringmaster at a circus, imagine a pastor barking out a bunch of craziness like…
Christians and Secular Music

Is It Ok for Christians to Listen to Secular Music?

"If Christians trash all secular music, then do we also trash all the arts such as paintings, sculptures, movies, and even buildings that were not created by Christians?"
Judgement? Have You Read the Bible?

Francis Chan: If You Think a Loving God Wouldn’t Judge, Have You Read the...

As morality becomes more and more subjective, the concept of judgment becomes increasingly offensive.
How Can a Busy Mom Become a Better Theologian

How a Busy Mom Can Become a Better Theologian

There may not be a more complex and demanding role in society than being a mother.

Easter’s Challenge to the Non-Christian

Should non-Christians care about Easter?
God Sees You Different than You Do

For Those Who Struggle with Anxiety and Fear: God Sees You Differently than You...

Do you ever struggle with paralyzing fear or thoughts about yourself that border on self-hatred? You're not alone. One hero of the faith, in particular, did also.
Scandal Of Grace

The Paradoxical, Scandalous Sacrifice of Jesus—As Captured by Hillsong UNITED

I know that your love breaks my fall, The scandal of grace, you died in my place, So my soul will live
The Holy Spirit

Do You Understand the Holy Spirit?

For many Christians, the person of the Father and the person of the Son seem more tangible, and thus understandable, than the Holy Spirit.
Shepherding Your Family

How to Shepherd Your Family through Ministry Turmoil

Not that you need a reminder, but: Ministry is hard. Your family feels it, too.
Easter Week Through the Eyes of Little Kids

The Hours Leading Up to Christ’s Death, as Told by Two Children

Just try not smiling as you watch it...just you try.

How to Communicate the Beauty of Complementarity to Someone Who Only See Its Ugliness

If complementarity is taken out of the gospels, then the gospel becomes ugly because an essential point of submission is to be a blessing to others.
John Piper: God Saves People with Bad Theology

John Piper: God Saves People with Bad Theology Everyday

Is it possible to experience the miraculous works of God and not understand what is going on?
Tim Keller

Tim Keller: Why We Should Bring Back Catechism for Children

Is theological memorization and reflection for our children really that important?

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