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Church God Wants

Francis Chan: This Is the Kind of Church God Wants

Does our American model of church planting produce the kind of churches God wants? Francis Chan answers.

Happiness Is a Current State of Being. Joy Is About the Future

Happiness typically refers to a current condition. Joy speaks of future destiny.
Need the Church

Dear Millennials, This is Why You Need the Church

Do you consider yourself a lone wolf that does not need the church? Fellow Christians will help you survive tough times, just like a wolf pack for a wolf.
Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad: Porn Found Me at 15

Audrey Assad says porn is a problem for women and the church isn’t doing much about it.
O Holy Night

Video: The Amazing Story Behind the Song “O Holy Night”

Watch the video to learn more about the history of this song. And then check out the entire lyrics to this powerful song by Placide Cappeau.

Google’s ‘Year in Search 2017’: the World Searches for Solutions

Hopefully this short video will compel you even more to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world so desperately searching for fulfillment.

What the Bible Really Means When It Talks About Peace

A word study on Shalom reveals some greater applications to our understanding of peace and our understanding of the Prince of Peace.
Michelle Qureshi

Michelle Qureshi Shares Her Curious Dream

Michelle Qureshi, wife of the late Nabeel Qureshi, shares a poignant dream she had and the truths she took away from it.
Tim Keller

Tim Keller: 3 Questions Fake Christians Can’t Answer

Questions you could ask to help someone consider whether or not they really know Christ.
American Churchvideo

Francis Chan: We Need a New Approach to the American Church

Francis Chan says Christians need to experiment with the American church and he has a model that is more biblical.
Christian Alexa

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Christian Alexa

Christian Alexa would be the perfect gift for any Christian, brand new in their faith or someone that has been walking with the Lord for many years.

The Christmas Story Told From Kids’ Perspective

A group of children tell the Christmas story from their adorable point of view.
Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins Shares His Favorite—and Most Hilarious—Christmas Memories

Tim Hawkins shares about the best and most humorous parts of Christmas.
Pastor Conference

If ESPN Ran Your Post-Sermon Press Conference

“My brothers and sisters, not many of you should be teachers. I say this because, as you know, we who teach will be judged more strictly than others.” - James 3:1
Healing from Divorce

Tony Evans on Healing from Divorce

Whether the divorce is your fault, someone else's fault, or a "joint venture," you can find healing from divorce.

What the Bible Means When It Talks about Justice

When the Bible mentions Justice, it isn't just talking about retribution.
Racial Tension

How to Explain the Current Racial Tension to Your Mostly White Church

The Texas megachurch pastor used a water bottle to illustrate his point about racial tension in America.
Francis Chan: Why We Don't Need More "Fellowship"

Francis Chan: Why We Don’t Need More “Fellowship”

Don't reduce "fellowship" to a series of gatherings.
Taya Smith

Hillsong UNITED’s Taya Smith: Worship Is about Being Honest before God

Hillsong UNITED's Taya Smith says worship is about bringing your whole self before God.
Carl Lentz: You Not Liking the Truth Doesn’t Change the Truth

Carl Lentz: You Not Liking the Truth Doesn’t Change the Truth

Lentz acknowledges that we may not always like the truth but that doesn’t change the truth.

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