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Taya Smith

Hillsong UNITED’s Taya Smith: Worship Is about Being Honest before God

Hillsong UNITED's Taya Smith says worship is about bringing your whole self before God.
Carl Lentz: You Not Liking the Truth Doesn’t Change the Truth

Carl Lentz: You Not Liking the Truth Doesn’t Change the Truth

Lentz acknowledges that we may not always like the truth but that doesn’t change the truth.
Danny Akin: How to Teach Your Children a Biblical View of Gender

How to Teach Your Children a Biblical View of Gender

Now more than ever, it's imperative parents teach their children a biblical view of manhood and womanhood.
Should Alter Calls Be a Thing of the Past?

Should Altar Calls Be a Thing of the Past?

Todd Wagner, pastor of Watermark Church, offers the following video explanation of why he doesn’t use altar calls.
Rethinking Getting People to Church

Stop Inviting People to Your Church!

Sometimes inviting people to your church misses the point entirely
Tim Tebow: Jocy’s Journey to Healing

Everyone Admitted to Tim Tebow’s Hospital Hears the Gospel

In the following video, Tim Tebow shares his heart behind his philanthropic work in the Philippines.
Mom Goggles

If Dads Could Literally See from a Mom’s Perspective

What would it look like if fathers had an up-close and personal look at a mom's perspective?
Matt Hammitt: Does God Always Win?

Does God Always Win?

May this encouragement from Matt Hammitt help you persevere in whatever trial you may be experiencing.
Let’s Face it. Resting is Hard Work

Let’s Face it. Resting is Hard Work

Isn’t it wonderful that we can work hard and yet rest in Christ’s finished work for us?
One Man’s Testimony of Finding Meaning in God

Former Drug User Shares His ‘Most Glorious Experience’ of Accepting Christ

Dominic Muir shares his testimony of God saving him from drug addiction.

David Platt: Mission Has Been the Purpose of Our Lives from the Beginning of...

David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, tells us that the call to missions began much longer before Matthew’s Gospel.
Two Big Lessons a Dad Can Teach His Children

Two Big Lessons a Dad Should Teach His Children

It is important for fathers to see their roles as deeper than just providing skills to their children.

The Church’s Vital Role in Discipling Children

Growing in the likeness of Christ is a community project.
What is One of John Piper’s Greatest Sorrows?

John Piper’s Testimony of Overcoming Racism

The honesty that is shared in this video about the atrocity of racism is a needed word for our time… and all time.
Whatever Happened to Celibacy?

Celibacy Fulfills God’s Design for Sexuality as Much as Marriage Does

Alberry reminds us that God made us as sexual beings for a reason and not just for our own gratification or pleasure.
Have You Grasped Luke’s Gospel?

The Gospel of Luke: Jesus Preaches and Exemplifies a Radical Way of Life

The Bible Project offers a simple but rich teaching on the ministry of Jesus and its various connecting points to Israel’s ancient history.
Does God Really Love Everyone?

Is It Biblical to Say God Loves Everyone?

Does the Bible say God loves everyone?
God Can Use the Things We Think are Foolish

The Time Kim Meeder Heard the Holy Spirit Tell Her How to Sign a...

Everyone is fighting some kind of battle or at least knows someone who is fighting.
Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson: Time Doesn’t Heal Wounds—Jesus Does

Time was never created to heal because only Jesus can truly heal us.
Is Jesus Unique?

Jesus ISN’T Unique

What actually makes the “non-uniqueness” of Jesus wonderfully unique is that though He is asking everything from you, He is also giving up everything to you.

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