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5 Ways Covid Has Brought Leadership Changes

My leadership is different now than it was at the beginning of 2020. Covid has forever brought leadership changes--including for me. 

SBC Executive Committee Leadership: ‘It’s a Time for Lament and a Time for Change’

The SBC Executive Committee's Rolland Slade and Willie McLaurin tell Southern Baptists that this is now a time to humble ourselves and accept the findings of the Sexual Abuse Task Force report.
Decision Making

Adaptive Decision Making, Change and Leadership

Over the last century, here’s the reason most churches and organizations have been able to scale and support the growth that they’ve experienced.
10 Leadership Tendencies I'm Trying To Change

10 Leadership Tendencies I’m Trying to Change

I grew up in a different era, and my models of leadership operated differently than many strong leaders do today. In addition, I can get self-centered and self-focused.

How to Handle a Change-Leery Leadership Team

Sometimes, a creative team can want to change faster than their leadership team. How should you handle that?

Why Leadership Changes After Big Breakthroughs

You've struggled for years and at last you've broken through to success. What comes next?

Free eBook: "Leadership that Changes the World," by Michael Warden

"A New Framework for Leadership Development, Life Transformation, and What It Really Means to Follow Jesus."

Leadership Game Changers I Learned from Bob Russell 5… Everyone Adds Something to the...

If you’ve been reading the blog posts this week you know that I’m sharing five leadership principles that I learned from Bob Russell, long...

Leadership Game-Changers I Learned from Bob Russell 3… Wise Counselors Seek Wise Counsel

If you’re following along this week you know that I’m sharing five leadership principles that I learned from Bob Russell, long time senior pastor...

Leadership Game Changers I Learned from Bob Russell 2… Be Jesus in a Crowd

In case you didn’t see yesterday’s blog, you need to know that every day this week I’m unearthing a leadership principle that the...

How My Fiance Changed My Mind About Leadership

This is a guest post by Ally Spotts. I love hearing from the next generation of leaders. Ally Spotts is a 20-something writer & blogger...

Understanding Change: A Leadership Must

No matter what the change is that you are proposing, you need to understand that there are going to be people who voice their disapproval.

Pastors’ Playful Twitter Exchange Highlights a Love for Books

If you’re a pastor, you have books. The collection probably started early, then got a significant boost if you went to a few conferences or were fortunate enough to go to seminary.
leadership direction

Leadership Direction Begins With Trust

Providing leadership direction is about trust. If people don’t trust you, they won’t follow you – no matter how “right” your decisions.

Technology as a Smokescreen: Cultivating a Spirit of Innovation and Openness to Change in...

Today, there are no lack of buzzwords when it comes to technology. But before we talk technology, we must talk about human nature. Let me back up to the year 1455 and this new technology called the printing press. 
churches resist change

Why Do Churches Resist Change (And What You Can Do About It)

The bringing of order creates the organization but also  simultaneously slows the creative, leadership elements of change. This happens in every organization, but churches resist change even more, or so it seems.

4 Steps to Remove Stereotypes in Leadership

Do you tend to see people by their differences or their similarities?

3 Ways to Exchange Your Negativity for Gratitude

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of all the negativity—much of it oozing from my own heart. Here are three tangible ways we can balance our complaining and negativity with thankfulness and gratitude.
help your church change

Of Course We Want Our Church to Grow—We Just Don’t Want to CHANGE

One of the tensions many of us wrestle with as leaders who are trying to help your church change happens when people tell us: I want our church to grow. I just don’t want it to change.

Saddleback Church Clears Rick Warren’s Successor of Allegations of Abusive Leadership Style; Former Echo.Church...

Saddleback Church in Southern California has cleared Rick Warren successor Andy Wood following an investigation into allegations of an abusive leadership style. 

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Alan Hirsch: The Church Needs To Stop Making Jesus in Its...

Alan Hirsch joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about why he believes the American church is out of alignment with Jesus and what we need to do to put our focus back on him.