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harvest bible chapel lawsuit

James MacDonald’s ‘indefinite sabbatical’ Is Effective Immediately

Following on the heels of the announcement that the Harvest Bible Chapel lawsuit is being dropped, the church elders have a new announcement.
and read her bible

Teen Finishes the Bible One Day Before Her Death, Inspires Others

A Kansas teen who challenged herself and read her Bible in a year met her goal the day before she died in a car crash on August 10, 2018. Her mom is now using her daughter's example to encourage others to devote more time to God's word.
church sign sayings

Pastor’s Congregation Loses Faith in Him Over Divisive Sign

The pastor of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in a rural town in California is learning that even a pastor's choice of church sign sayings can get them in trouble with the community and his or her own congregation.
switchfoot tour

Switchfoot’s Answer to Prayer: Keyboardist Jerome Is Cancer Free

The Switchfoot tour of their latest album, "Native Tongue," might just include keyboardist Jerome Fontamillas after all.
Bible Translation Comparison

New Hebrew Bible Translation Took 24 Years of Painstaking Work

Literary scholar Robert Alter’s three-volume set of the Hebrew Bible (known to Christians as the Old Testament) has been released after almost a quarter-century...
Bishop Michael Curry

Bishop Restricted for Refusing to Conduct Same-Sex Weddings

Bishop Michael Curry, who gave the sermon at last year’s royal wedding, has just issued a Restriction on Ministry to Bishop William Love for banning same-sex weddings in Love’s Albany Diocese.
Tim Tebow girlfriend

Tim Tebow Is Going to Marry a Miss Universe After All

Tim Tebow made a big announcement on his Instagram account. The professional athlete and all-around good guy is getting married.

Authorities in Vietnam Demand 33 Hmong Renounce Their Faith

Religious persecution against Hmong Christians in Vietnam appears to be ramping up. Watchdog group International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that last November and December in the village of Phá Lóm, authorities antagonized 33 Hmong believers, demanding they renounce their faith.
government shutdown

Church Offers $15K to Relieve Government Shutdown Pain

Local churches are pooling resources to help those affected by the government shutdown. One church in Kansas has offered its Barnabas Fund to government workers.
lauren daigle christian

Lauren Daigle: The Artist Formerly Known as Christian (?)

When asked whether she still identified as a part of the Christian artists tribe, Lauren Daigle had a very non-committal response.
Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley: What Good Are the 10 Commandments? Not a Lot, Anymore

Andy Stanley is making enemies again with his comments on the Old Testament, and the 10 Commandments in particular. What is greater than the 10 Commandments, Stanley asks? The greatest commandment, of course.

Cyntoia Brown to Be Free, Thanks in Part to Local Pastor

Outgoing Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced Monday that he is granting clemency to Cyntoia Brown, a woman given a life sentence as a minor for murdering and robbing a man who bought her for sex.

Ukrainian Church Celebrates First Christmas Out From Under Russia’s Thumb

On Monday, January 7, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church held its first service after splitting from the Russian Orthodox Church. It is unclear what the long-term ramifications of this religious divide will be.
Harvest Bible Chapel

Harvest to Drop Lawsuit Against Critics

The elders of Harvest Bible Chapel have announced their intention to drop the lawsuit against five critics of the church and James MacDonald in particular.

Pastor of Church Who Lost Children in Fiery Crash Speaks

A church in Gainesville, Florida, is paying for the burial plots of five children who were killed in a car crash last Thursday afternoon, and the children's pastor is grateful.
bomb threat

Not Even Bombs Could Thwart the Opening of the Middle East’s Largest Church

The day before the largest church in the Middle East was scheduled to open, a bomb threat almost derailed the unveiling. It also claimed the life of a police officer.

How Selena Gomez Is Fighting Modern-Day Slavery

Pop star Selena Gomez wants to stop human trafficking. She has been volunteering as an intern with A21, an organization dedicated to abolishing modern-day slavery throughout the world.
Frank Reich

Colts Coach Shows That ‘All Callings Matter’

Frank Reich has been involved in the NFL for several years now, but he has also served the church in a couple of different capacities.
church van

Small Church Loses 5 Children in Fiery Crash in Florida

A crash on Interstate 75 in Florida has claimed the lives of five children traveling to Disneyworld in a church van.
Irish church facebook video

Irish Church’s Video Takes Off for All the Right Reasons

A Facebook video posted by a church in the city of Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has gone viral in a small way. The members filmed themselves doing various activities to the song “My Lighthouse” by the band Rend Collective.

Latest News

How to Communicate Your Reopening Strategy to the Community

Not only should churches communicate their reopening strategy to their members, but they also need to communicate to the community at large.

New Podcasts

Lee Strobel: Pastor, You Need an Apologetics Point Person

Lee Strobel says, "We have to create safe places in our churches and let people know it’s ok to have questions." But pastors can't—and shouldn't have to—do this important work alone.