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July 14

Bible to Be Read at All 159 County Seats in Georgia This Sunday

On July 14, readings from Genesis through Revelation will begin across the state of Georgia at 7:14 on Sunday morning.
consumer christianity

John Crist on Consumer Christianity: We Are to Blame

It’s easy for us to point out the faults of consumer Christianity. But John Crist thinks it’s time to stop criticizing churches and church leaders and instead reflect on how we’re contributing to the problem.

Philistines Likely Immigrants From Europe, DNA Discovery Shows

An archaeological discovery of the remains of Philistines that inhabited the ancient port city of Ashkelon, Israel during biblical times gives context to the accounts of this people group being referred to as outsiders and gentiles.
liberty university school of music

Michael W. Smith to Direct New Liberty U Music Program

Michael W. Smith will join the Liberty University School of Music as the director of the Michael W. Smith Center for Commercial Music, set to launch this fall. Another well-known name to be involved is Kevin Jonas, Sr., father and original manager of the popular group, the Jonas Brothers.
anne marie miller

Anne Marie Miller to Mark Aderholt: ‘This Is Over’

Anne Marie Miller, who accused former Baptist missionary Mark Aderholt of sexually abusing her in 1996 and 1997, has finally seen the conclusion of her case.
migrant children

Foster Care Is How One Couple Is Helping Migrant Children

Amid general outcry over migrant children detained at the U.S. border, one couple in Florida has decided to use Bethany Christian Services to become transitional foster parents to kids who are unaccompanied immigrants. 

7 Churches Leave the UMC Over Views on Sexuality

At the Mississippi Annual Conference, seven UMC churches were approved to disaffiliate from the denomination out of disagreement with the church's stance toward LGBT individuals. One, however, had a reason that was slightly surprising.
abortion pill reversal

Abortion Pill Reversal Has Saved More Than 750 Lives

Because of something called "abortion pill reversal," a pregnant woman who had already taken the first medication to have a chemical abortion is now the proud mother of twins.
grand rapids first

This Church Is Showing the Love of God by Erasing Medical Debt

Grand Rapids First church in Wyoming, Michigan, is doing something incredible: paying off the medical bills of debtors in four counties, all to show people that God loves them.
social media guidelines

Truth and Kindness Are Focus of Church’s Social Media Guidelines

The Church of England has issued its first social media guidelines, saying it hopes to foster kindness online and help the church be a “force for social cohesion” in the digital sphere.
pca general assembly

PCA General Assembly Says ‘Yes’ to the Nashville Statement

The PCA General Assembly voted yesterday to endorse the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s Nashville Statement by a vote of 803 to 541. 
children at the border

Churches Take Action to Help Children at the Border As Leaders Debate

Amid news of dangerous, unsanitary conditions at migrant detention facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border, evangelical Christians are lending a hand to children at the border while advocating for more humane treatment.
mali conflict

Christians Targeted in Sahel Region Violence, Death Count Uncertain

The latest Mali conflict involves an attack on a Dogon village that resulted in the deaths of multiple men, women, and children. While accounts differ as to whether the number of people who died was around 40 or closer to 100, Open Doors reports that all who died were Christians.
Israel Folau

Australians Are Funding Israel Folau’s Legal Battle $100 at a Time

Ousted rugby star Israel Folau is facing a new round of legal battles as he seeks financial support from followers who sympathize with the athlete's right to religious freedom.

Lawsuit Sheds Light on Paige Patterson’s Firing Last Year

When Paige Patterson was fired from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) last year, many questions arose. Now we are getting more details about Patterson's questionable actions through a lawsuit.
Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Alabama Megachurch Permitted to Have Its Own Police Force

For four years, Birmingham's Briarwood Presbyterian Church has sought permission to form its own police force. Legislation approved by Alabama's Governor Kay Ivey is now allowing for the church's police force.
lincoln bible

Lincoln Bible Unveiled by Descendants of the President’s Friend

A “newly discovered” Lincoln Bible has been put on display in Springfield, Illinois. Descendants of a friend of Lincoln’s have passed the Bible from generation to generation for the past 150 years until recently donating it to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
Jordan River

Deshaun Watson Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

"This is a part of the world which gets a lot of attention internationally, and this is a chance for me to look beyond the headlines and learn more about the history and culture of this land," Deshaun Watson said about his trip to Israel and the Jordan River.
top rugby player

Folau Now Raising Money for Battle over His Christian Beliefs

Israel Folau, the top rugby player in Australia fired for posting controversial comments on social media, has set up a GoFundMe page. On it, Folau is asking for help raising $3 million to fund legal proceedings over what he believes is a wrongful termination of his contract.

King’s College Apologizes for Ousting Autistic Boy From Evensong

A father and his autistic son were asked to leave an Evensong service in Cambridge. The boy's father says his son “expresses his excitement by calling out and laughing.”

Latest News

No More Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Crimes in Chile

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera signed a bill that eliminates the statute of limitations on sex crimes involving children. The passing of the new Chilean law is the latest news involving the Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Chile, where investigations against Catholic clergy are ongoing.

New Podcasts

Garry Poole: Why Evangelism Training Should Be Important to You

"Churches need to develop a very specific evangelism strategy and a very specific evangelism training program," says Garry Poole. This week, Garry shares with us about why churches in the U.S. are struggling with evangelism and what pastors can do about it.