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Southern Baptists Do Not Adopt Nicene Creed at Annual Meeting

While most expected the battles over women’s ordination and sexual abuse reform to continue at this year’s meeting of the SBC, another debate emerged, revealing mixed feelings among the denomination’s ranks about the Nicene Creed. 

The Reformed Church in America To Vote on Restructuring

In the past five years, the Reformed Church in America, one of the oldest denominations in the U.S., has lost almost half its membership and nearly a quarter of its churches.

Historic All-Sign-Language Movie ‘Jesus: A Deaf Missions Film’ Comes to Theaters

“Jesus: A Deaf Missions Film,” which carries the tagline “for Deaf, by Deaf,” stars Gideon Firl as the Messiah who, like all of the primary cast, signs his way through the role. 

Harry Lennix Plays the Role of God in Great American Pure Flix’s ‘Destination Heaven’

Accomplished actor Harry Lennix is starring as God in Great American Pure Flix’s new television mini-series “Destination Heaven.”

Mike Law Urges Churches Not To Leave SBC Following Failure To Pass Amendment Barring Women Pastors

Pastor Mike Law of Arlington Baptist Church in Arlington, Virginia, urged Southern Baptists not to leave the nation’s largest protestant denomination after his amendment to the SBC's constitution failed to be ratified at the annual meeting on Wednesday (June 12).

‘I Have Lots of Confidence’—New SBC President Clint Pressley Offers Perspective on Abuse Reform, Women’s Ordination

Newly elected SBC President Clint Pressley offered his first public remarks as president during a press conference on Wednesday, expressing confidence that the denomination is united by its “love for the Bible,” “love for the gospel,” and “love for the mission.”

Phil Johnson, Diagnosed With Blood Cancer, Praises God’s ‘Providence’

Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You and an elder at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, shared on social media that he is being treated for multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

SBC Clarifies Pro-Life Position With Resolution on IVF

Southern Baptists voted to adopt a resolution on Wednesday that reaffirms the SBC's commitment to the protection of unborn children with regard to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other reproductive technologies. 

Motions To Abolish the ERLC and To Censure Al Mohler, Ben Mandrell, and Bart Barber Fail at Annual Meeting

Motions to abolish the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and to censure Albert Mohler, Ben Mandrell, and Bart Barber overwhelming failed during the morning session of Wednesday’s annual meeting.

John MacArthur to Ben Shapiro: ‘Biblical Morality’ Resonates With People’s Hearts

In a wide-ranging interview with Ben Shapiro on June 9, pastor and Bible teacher John MacArthur talked about hot-button topics such as Christian nationalism, the so-called “war on children,” and the state of churches in the United States.

Kirk Cameron Promotes ‘Faith, Love, and Patriotism’ at ‘See You at the Library 2024’

Actor Kirk Cameron has announced a "See You at the Library" event this summer, in multiple locations on Aug. 24, to bring "huge change to our nation."

North Carolina Pastor Clint Pressley Elected President of Southern Baptist Convention

Clint Pressley has been elected the newest president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

SBC Will Not Add Language Banning Women Pastors to Constitution; Law Amendment Fails To Get Two-Thirds Majority

Southern Baptist Convention messengers failed to get enough votes to approve the so-called "Law Amendment" to the SBC constitution, a change that would have banned women from holding the office of pastor.

National Eucharistic Pilgrimage Passes Through Washington, Draws Fervent Catholics

Since May 17, the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, a cross-shaped trek along four routes across the U.S., has been heading for Indianapolis, where tens of thousands of faithful are expected to take part in the National Eucharistic Congress.

Mike Pence Speaks About Politics, Prayer to Southern Baptists at Indy Event

Former Vice President Mike Pence addressed Southern Baptists at a luncheon event focused on public service where he criticized President Joe Biden, questioned the future of the Republican Party and upheld faith as the answer for the country’s problems.

Vatican Convenes Astrophysicists To Discuss Black Holes, Quantum Theory

Renowned physicists, including two Nobel Prize winners, will gather at the Vatican Observatory near Rome next week to ponder the unresolved mysteries of the cosmos and to honor the legacy of Georges Lemaître, the priest who first theorized the Big Bang and the expansion of the universe.

SBC Disfellowships Historic Baptist Church for Position on Ordaining Women as Pastors

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) ended its cooperative relationship with First Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia, on Tuesday (June 11) for ordaining women as pastors. 

Bart Barber Uses Final Presidential Address To Exhort Southern Baptists To Pursue Unity

During his last address as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Barber took the majority of his time to exhort attendees of the SBC annual meeting in Indianapolis to pursue unity and to bear with one another’s weaknesses.

‘Life Is Too Short To Resist God’—SBC Commissions Over 80 Missionaries at Annual Meeting

At the start of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) 2024 annual meeting in Indianapolis, more than 10,000 delegates, called messengers, celebrated the sending of over 80 global missionaries with one mission in mind: Share the gospel.

Russell Brand Walks Readers Through ‘Mere Christianity,’ Will Tour With Tucker Carlson

New Christian Russell Brand is inviting people to read and discuss “Mere Christianity.” The English actor and podcaster, who was baptized in April, shared a photo of the C.S. Lewis classic on social media June 10.

Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury: What Makes a Healthy Youth Ministry

Dr. Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share their insights into how youth leaders can most effectively help teens cultivate a faith that lasts for their entire lives.

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