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Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find christian news, inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Greear's legacy

J.D. Greear’s Legacy as Southern Baptist President: Grappling With Abuse, Pushing Diversity

Here’s a look at J.D. Greear's legacy as the SBC’s president from 2018 to 2021.
Rachael Denhollander

Rachael Denhollander Explains the Long Road It Took for the SBC to Agree on...

Devoted Christ-follower and sexual abuse survivor Rachael Denhollander explained the long road it has taken to get the SBC to investigate the mishandling of sexual abuse claims.
ordination of women

Saddleback Church’s Ordination of Women Pastors to Be Considered by SBC Committee

A committee that determines whether churches are conforming to Southern Baptist Convention affiliation rules will consider whether Saddleback Church, led by Rick Warren, can continue in fellowship with the SBC after Saddleback recently ordained three women pastors.
Black community

Black Community Has New Option for Health Care: The Church

Church leaders in the Black community are extending their care efforts beyond the fight against COVID-19 and giving their flocks a place to seek health care for other ailments at a place they trust — the church.
pastor tim stephens

UPDATE: Pastor Tim Stephens Arrested Again for Violating Canada’s COVID-19 Rules

Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Southeast Calgary was arrested on Monday for a second time because he violated COVID-19 rules for holding an outdoor church service.
Julie Roys

James MacDonald Unleashes Vitriol Against Journalist, Calling Her a Liar, Sl** and Apostate

James MacDonald, the former megachurch pastor who’s been embroiled in scandal and controversy for several years, is lashing out against independent journalist Julie Roys.
Masterpiece cake

UPDATE: Well-Known Christian Baker Charged With Violating Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Law

The well-known Christian baker, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop, was back in court this time for refusing to make a cake for a person celebrating their gender transition.
catholic social services

UPDATE: Supreme Court Sides With Christian Foster Care Agency in Dispute Involving Gay Couples

In a 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Catholic Social Services (CSS) after the city of Philadelphia suspended foster care referrals to CSS because the agency refused to work with same-sex couples.

‘We Did It!’—Abuse Survivors Win Victory in SBC Executive Committee Investigation

The news comes after Mike Stone, one of the EC members accused of mishandling sexual abuse allegations, lost the SBC presidential race—and had a controversial exchange with survivor Hannah-Kate Williams. 
denton Bible church

‘Wokeness & the Gospel’ Conference Draws Accusations of ‘Harmful Rhetoric’

Last weekend at Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas, hundreds gathered to discuss a hot-button topic: “wokeness” and the church.
done with religion

Done With Religion? It May Not Be Done With You

Religion influences morals and values and shapes the way people think about and respond to the world. So what happens when the religious say they're done with religion?
SBC President Ed Litton

New SBC President Ed Litton Talks About CRT, Women in Leadership, and Sexual Abuse...

Pastor Ed Litton narrowly edged out Pastor Mike Stone to become the new President of the SBC. Litton addressed the issues regarding CRT, women leadership, and sexual abuse within the SBC at his press conference.

Gavel Named for Slaveholder Replaced With One Recalling Missionary at SBC Meeting

Traditionally, Southern Baptists open the annual meeting with the banging of the Broadus gavel, named for John A. Broadus, a founding faculty member of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who was also a slaveholder and a believer in white superiority.

NIH Director: We Asked God for Help With COVID-19, and Vaccines Are the ‘Answer...

'For all of us who've prayed for deliverance from COVID-19, the vaccines are an answer to that prayer,' says Francis Collins, an evangelical Christian who also serves as director of the National Institutes of Health.
Father's Day sermon

Tony Evans Father’s Day Sermon: Men Need to Make a Choice

Dr. Tony Evans delivered a challenging Father’s Day sermon this year. The pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship asked men to evaluate who they were going serve this year.
2021 Annual Meeting of Southern Baptist Convention

Live Updates: 2021 Annual Meeting of Southern Baptist Convention

Live updates from the 2021 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Ron DeSantis

Gov. Ron DeSantis: New Law Will Let Public School Students ‘Pray As They See...

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has signed into law a bill requiring public school teachers in grades K-12 to observe at least one minute of silence at the beginning of the first class period of every day. 
Founder's Event

At Founders Event, Southern Baptists Urged to Choose Bible Over ‘Paganism,’ CRT

Southern Baptists at the Founder's Event adjacent to the SBC's annual meeting concerned with liberal drift in their denomination heard warnings about “paganism” and worldly ideologies such as critical race theory.
Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Convention Faces Push From the Right at Annual Meeting

The Southern Baptist Convention is electing a new president Tuesday amid a push to wrest control of the denomination by ultraconservatives who say some current leaders are too liberal.
QAnon followers

US Intel Report Warns of More Violence by QAnon Followers

A new federal intelligence report warns QAnon followers, the conspiracy theory embraced by some in the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol, could target Democrats and other political opponents for more violence as the movement's false prophecies increasingly fail to come true.

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