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pastor wang yi

Chinese Church Thanks God for Persecution at Hand of the Government

Following the detention of its pastor and about 100 members earlier this week, a Christian church in Chengdu, China, is thanking God and preparing...
Lysa Terkeurst marriage

Lysa Terkeurst Celebrates ‘miracle answer’ to Troubled Marriage

Lysa Terkeurst and her husband, Art, went from seriously considering divorce a little over a year ago to renewing their vows. Read about their miraculous journey.
southern baptist theological seminary

SBC’s Flagship Seminary Releases Report Detailing Racist Past

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has released a new report outlining the ways that institution has contributed to the problem of racism in America.
immigration protest

Evangelicals’ Immigration Policies Protest as Diverse as Denominations of the Church

Clergy gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday concerning policies the Trump administration has put in effect. The immigration protest is a different tactic compared to the letter penned by the Evangelical Immigration Table.
Chance the Rapper

Chance the (Christian) Rapper Is Taking a Sabbatical to Study the Bible

One of the Christian rappers in the news lately is in the news again for an unusual move. At least, it's unusual if you're not a committed Christian.
church on fire

Churches Catch on Fire—and Not in a Good Way

Usually one church on fire will make the headlines, but multiple fires have destroyed or severely damaged several church buildings throughout the country this week.
house church China

100 Christians Arrested in Overnight Raid in China

An unregistered or "house church" in China that has been the object of the government's persecution has suffered another blow. An overnight raid of members' and leaders' houses left many arrested.
Christian nationalism

Tim Keller Is Troubled by Growing Nationalism

In an interview with The Gospel Coalition, Tim Keller explains what he believes Jonah can teach Christians about race, Christian nationalism and grace.
Natalie Grant

Watch Natalie Grant’s Powerful Testimony to Senate Committee

On November 28, 2018, Christian musician Natalie Grant testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the topic of sex trafficking.

WATCH George H.W. Bush’s Famous ‘friends’ Sing at His Funeral

Reba McEntire, Michael W. Smith and The Oak Ridge Boys perform at the George H.W. Bush funeral in Houston, Texas.
Mark Harris

Pastor’s Election Win in Question Over Fraud Allegations

One month after the midterm elections, a U.S. House race involving a Southern Baptist pastor Mark Harris is still in dispute.
vineyard church kansas city

Church Is Heartbroken Yet Hopeful About Pastor’s Failure

Fred Herron, senior pastor of Vineyard Church Kansas City, has stepped down from his position of leadership due to "moral failure" and dependence issues.
Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram Stepping Down From Venture Church to Fulfill a Promise

“The church is the only hope for what’s happening in America, and the key to churches is pastors, and the key to pastors is a high view of God,” Chip Ingram told his congregation.

A Look at the Faith of President George H.W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush died on Friday, Nov. 30, at the age of 94. Here's a look back on his life and why his son, President George W. Bush, described him as “a man of quiet faith.”

Viral Video Shows Jesus Being Whipped in Christmas Parade

The Christmas parade in Odessa, Texas, this year included a scene that most might be more used to seeing at Easter: Jesus carrying a cross while being whipped by a Roman soldier.
Chritians in the middle east

Christians Face ‘imminent extinction’ in Middle East

The Archbishop of Canterbury warns that unless more countries reach out a helping hand to Christians in the Middle East who are trying to escape the Islamic State, soon there won't be any left to help.
Kayla Stoecklein

Kayla Stoecklein: Suicide Isn’t Always a ‘decision’

Kayla Stoecklein remembers her husband, Pastor Andrew Stoecklein, as strong and full of energy. She does not believe attempting suicide was his decision.

Lauren Daigle Makes Controversial Statement About Homosexuality

One of the most popular Christian artists right now is Lauren Daigle. In a recent radio interview, Daigle said that she “can’t say” whether homosexuality is a sin.
Khadim Hussain Rizvi

Enemies of Asia Bibi Arrested for Terrorism and Sedition

Khadim Hussain Rizvi and other leaders of the extremist Muslim group TLP have been arrested on terrorism and sedition charges.
gene editing

Chinese Scientist Shocks World With Genetically ‘Edited’ Babies

A Chinese scientist claims he has used a technique known as CRISPR to accomplish gene editing and create twin girls who are HIV-free.

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