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Mark Mittelberg (MA, Trinity Evangelical Theological School) is an author, speaker, and evangelism strategist. He is co-author with Bill Hybels of Becoming a Contagious Christian and co-author with Bill Hybels and Lee Strobel of the Becoming a Contagious Christian curriculum. His books are widely considered standard texts on evangelism, including his newest books Choosing Your Faith and The Unexpected Adventure, co-authored with Lee Strobel. He previously served as evangelism leader for the Willow Creek Association.

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$1.9 M Raised for Burned Louisiana Churches After Notre Dame Fire

No one ever wants to experience a church fire, whether in France or Louisiana, but some good has emerged from tragedy. When influencers on Twitter encouraged followers to donate to three churches in Louisiana that were recently targeted by an arsonist, the result was a dramatic spike in donations.

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Kara Powell: Teens Want Faith, Not Church

Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute addresses parents' concerns over teens leaving the church. Powell says what may seem like a teen turning from faith may actually be a young person turning from forms of church that make sense to the parent, but not the child.