Phil Davis

Phil Davis, The Marketing Guy – I’m not just the marketing guy for Serendipity House and LifeWay Small Groups, I’m a case study for small group ministry! My life has been transformed (and re-formed) through the power of small groups and being on the Serendipity team for the past few years. I’ve learned how to interpret life. I’ve learned there is a difference between what I say I believe and what my actions show I believe. I’ve learned to view life through the lens of the Larger Story. I’ve learned what it really means to be authentic and that community is much more than a place “where everybody knows your name”. I’ve learned to pay attention to what moves me. I’ve learned how to be a friend, a father, and an ally to a band of “gypsies” unwilling to settle for anything less than redemptive community. This has changed everything for me, and I hope to share some of my journey with you!

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