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Phil Davis, The Marketing Guy – I’m not just the marketing guy for Serendipity House and LifeWay Small Groups, I’m a case study for small group ministry! My life has been transformed (and re-formed) through the power of small groups and being on the Serendipity team for the past few years. I’ve learned how to interpret life. I’ve learned there is a difference between what I say I believe and what my actions show I believe. I’ve learned to view life through the lens of the Larger Story. I’ve learned what it really means to be authentic and that community is much more than a place “where everybody knows your name”. I’ve learned to pay attention to what moves me. I’ve learned how to be a friend, a father, and an ally to a band of “gypsies” unwilling to settle for anything less than redemptive community. This has changed everything for me, and I hope to share some of my journey with you!

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Latest Pew Survey: Christianity in America Is Declining, Still

While the latest survey indicates Christianity in America is "rapidly" losing ground, there are a couple of silver linings to look out for within the Protestant church.

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3 Tips on How to Parent in Public

I can remember that especially through those early years we had to put some boundaries and practices in place to make sure that our intentional plans were succeeding in public, rather than our children’s impromptu plans. Here are a few of the things we learned about how to parent in public.

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Christopher Yuan: If We Don’t Redeem Singleness, We’re Not Ready to...

The opposite of every sin struggle, says Christopher Yuan, is holiness. Christopher shares with us why the church must return to a biblical view of singleness and provides other insights into how pastors can help Christians pursue holy sexuality.

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