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Brittany Salmon is a freelance writer and advocate for adoption. She has an M.A. in intercultural studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and an M.A. in teaching from North Carolina State University. She writes on faith and family at She enjoys time with her husband, three kids, and a dog named Mr. Tom Hanks.

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One of the Christian rappers in the news lately is in the news again for an unusual move. At least, it's unusual if you're not a committed Christian.

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“Three Strikes and You’re Out” Doesn’t Work With the Child of...

One popular discipline policy churches use is what is called the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” policy. In theory it sounds reasonable, but for many hurting children it is not reasonable or even fair.

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Dean Sweetman and Frank Barry with discuss what pastors and ministry leaders need to know about year-end giving. The reality is that December is an excellent time to talk about giving, even more so than you may realize.