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Hopson Boutot has been happily married to his wife, Holly, for over twelve years. They have four children, Jonah, Zoë, Phoebe, and Ella with another child coming through adoption in the future. He is the lead pastor of Poquoson Baptist Church in Poquoson, Virginia. Hopson received his MDiv from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and a PhD in Christian Preaching from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Pastor Greg Laurie on Suicide: Hope Has the Last Word

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship delivered a message Thursday at a special service remembering the life of Jarrid Wilson. While Laurie had a number of exhortations for his listeners, he especially emphasized the preeminence of Jesus.

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Three Dangers of a Kid-Centered Family

It’s hard work to make sure that our homes are gospel-centered family vs. a kid-centered family. It’s something that our family continues to work on. And it is hard, but it’s doable.

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Tara Beth Leach: This Is How Your Preaching Can Thwart Consumerism

Tara Beth Leach believes it's all too easy for church to turn into, "Come, consume, and see the show." Tara Beth is an author, speaker and senior pastor, and this week on our podcast, she shares how pastors can counteract consumerism and help their members see themselves as the missional people of God.

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