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Jonathan Gibson
Jonathan Gibson (PhD, Cambridge University) is an assistant professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary.

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Notre Dame Fire: Early Repairs Largely Funded by ‘Generous’ U.S. Donors

Immediately following the Notre Dame fire, French billionaires pledged their monetary support of the repair efforts. After two months, though, cathedral officials say funding has come mainly from small donations made by U.S. and French donors.

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How to Reach Your Grandkids With the Gospel Part 2

We must preach the gospel to our kids, but we must teach them to preach the gospel to themselves. We have to preach to our hearts so we can teach them to preach to theirs. Discover more about how to reach your grandkids with the Gospel.

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Jay Kranda: This Is Why You Should Care About Online Church

“The local experience is not going anywhere,” Jay Kranda says. As the leader of Saddleback Church Online, Jay talks to us about the goal of online church, which is surprisingly supportive of local churches and their evangelism efforts.