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Today’s children’s ministry leaders face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, children’s pastors need leadership resources and children’s ministry resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times for children and families. is dedicated to providing resources and information for every children’s pastor and children’s ministry leader. If you serve on a church staff as a children’s minister, children’s pastor, director of Christian education, preschool minister, family ministry leader, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have children’s ministry resources and connections to a community of children’s ministry leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

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Leading your children’s ministry and family ministry is not only about teaching and building relationships, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Don't Let Easter Sneak Up on You

The challenge is to handle Easter as if it were a fine-cut jewel with many facets.

Are You a Curious Leader or a Fearful Leader?

Sam Luce asks himself several questions to make sure he isn't leading out of fear.

Top 3 Ways to Handle Snacks in Kidmin

What do we do with snacktime in children's ministry when there are so many food allergies with kids?

A Little Child Can Lead Them…Really, They Can!

What if we encouraged children to lead worship? Are we ready for this?

Herding Kids vs. Leading Kids

Kendra Fleming: "When you are leading…every story matters."

Celebrating Diversity in Your KidMin

Dan Scott reminds us to make sure our ministries are multi-colored.

The Dropout Myth?

Kenny Conley reviews an article that discusses the children's dropout rate and adds his own thoughts to the issue.
spiritually hungry kids

Feeding Your Spiritually Hungry Kids

As a Children’s Pastor, each week I witness kids who walk into the church hungry...hungry to learn, to be loved, encouraged, accepted and challenged.

What KidMin Can Learn From Great Leaders in History

Dale Hudson reviews 12 of history's greatest leaders and applies their greatest ideals to children's ministry.

Kidmin Leader – Do You Volunteer?

Keith Tusing urges children's pastors to also invest their skills elsewhere in their church or in their community.

Questions You Should Ask Your Tweens

J. C. Thompson offers some "musts" for questions to ask to all your 10-12-year-old students.

The Most Important Ability a KidMin Leader Can Have

A successful Children's Ministry is a team of empowered leaders working together to make an impact that is bigger than anything someone could do alone.

What Numbers are Important in Children’s Ministry?

What numbers--besides attendance numbers--determine the health of a children's ministry?

Qualities of an Exceptional Leader for Preteens

Preteen ministry is unique because preteens are unique.

Why Teams Fail

Sam Luce: "I am a huge believer in teams and team ministry, but everything rises and falls on leadership."

What Families Want From Church

My experience is that families have definite opinions – expressed or not – about what they want.
KidMin Resources

Awesome KidMin Resources

OK I know there are clickable images on the right side of our site here, but I thought I’d take another step in highlighting...

Teaching The Bible With Toys

Dale Hudson recommends teaching truth using familiar objects from a child's everyday world.

How Much Do You Listen to Kids? I Mean REALLY Listen?

Jesus listened to the children. Let us do so today. It may surprise us to hear all they have to tell us.

The WOW Factor in Your KidMin

When was the last time you asked a volunteer or a parent (figuratively or literally), "How can I wow you today?"

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